Biden nominee caught committing horrific acts against children

Joe Biden has been trying to fill his empty cabinet positions for years. His latest pick has a dark past.

And this Biden nominee was caught committing horrific acts against children.

Joe Biden has a history of picking some of the worst people for important positions so long as they tick diversity boxes.

Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary, has completely fumbled the toxic train derailment in Ohio, leaving hundreds if not thousands with lingering symptoms and loss.

Sam Brinton was chosen as the first “non-binary” deputy assistant secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition, only for Americans to learn that he’s a serial thief known for stealing women’s clothing from airport luggage.

But Biden’s latest pick for Secretary of Labor has an even more sinister past that involves children.

President Biden nominated Deputy Labor Secretary Julie Su to replace outgoing Labor Secretary Marty Walsh as the next Secretary of Labor on Tuesday.

According to The Hill, Su, the former California labor secretary, was confirmed by the Senate on a party-line vote in July 2021 to serve as deputy secretary of labor.

Before being confirmed to her present job, Su failed to implement California law geared at combating pedophilia in Hollywood, according to a 2021 investigation from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Su supervised an organization entrusted with enforcing labor regulations in the state, notably the Hollywood Child Protection Act, which was signed into law by then-Governor Jerry Brown in 2012 following a spate of pedophile incidents in the film industry.

The Act established a licensing system in which everyone who worked with child performers, including publicists, managers, and coaches, was required to obtain a Child Performer Services Permit from the labor department.

The labor commissioner’s office is in charge of vetting candidates, who must submit fingerprints and pass a federal background check before being granted a permit. Failing to get a permit may result in a one-year prison sentence and a $10,000 fine.

Despite the fact that many people did not get a permission, Su’s department did not send any infractions of the law to a prosecution agency.

According to a 2018 Deadline story, under Su’s direction, not a single Hollywood publicist representing child actors, as well as scores of managers, coaches, and photographers, had secured a permission.

The lead sponsor of AB 1660, BizParent co-founder Anne Henry, told Deadline that the law was intended to protect child actors from convicted pedophiles like Robert Villard, who worked in numerous roles in Hollywood with child actors and was arrested multiple times for sexual acts with an underage boy.

“Before this, there was nothing to stop him from returning to the industry and starting the abuse cycle all over again,” she told Deadline. “We wanted something to prevent that from happening.”

More than 20 Los Angeles-based publicists who work with kid actors on hit TV shows including Stranger Things, Modern Family, and Raven’s Home were found by Deadline.

Notwithstanding these violations, no prosecution or lawsuit had been launched against those who violated the Hollywood Child Protection Act since 2013, according to DIR spokesman Paola Laverde in a statement at the time.

“LCO is not aware of any person being charged with violation of AB 1660,” she said.

“There are dedicated LCO representatives that monitor the [Child Performer Services] website,” Laverde added. “If the LCO representative receives a complaint they will refer that complaint to the Licensing and Registration Unit’s management team who may discuss the issue with the LCO legal team.”

According to Laverde, the measure never established a legal referral process, and the office is not compelled to police the permission system.

Su’s agency had only awarded 292 permits at the time of Deadline’s 2018 report. After Su resigned her position, the office granted 743 permits in 2019, and another 231 permits in 2020.

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