Biden policy forces doctors to peddle this insane Democrat propaganda

Rachel Levine

Conservatives have been sounding the alarm about Joe Biden’s radicalism. But no one thought he’d go this far.

And this Biden policy forces doctors to peddle this insane Democrat propaganda.

Joe Biden has quickly enshrined himself as the most liberal president in recent memory.

But his most recent action takes the cake.

Biden made history when he appointed Rachel Levine as Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine.

Levine, born a biological male, is the most high profile transgender government official in the Biden administration.

And Biden’s crusade of wokeness doesn’t end with Levine’s appointment.

Levine has called on doctors to act as “ambassadors” in the effort to normalize transgenderism.

Levine remarked “I encourage all of you to think of yourself as ambassadors to your communities, ambassadors for science,” as well as for “compassion” and for “care.”

Biden’s appointee made clear that he wanted this to be encouraged even outside of regular medical visits.

“These conversations don’t need to be limited or restricted to a medical setting,” Levine added.

“Offer yourselves as informational resources not just for youth but for school teachers, principals, school boards, professional organizations, recreation centers, county commissioners, and others who would benefit from this information and your perspective,” Levine noted.

He added, “Please proactively seek out opportunities to speak about what you know.”

Levine went on to say, “We need to have these conversations that question the assumptions that are underlying today’s attacks on trans people. Pushing back the veil of ignorance demands this extra effort.”

“Medicine and science are being politically perverted around this country,” the Biden administration official said, adding, “we have reached a tipping point … for the health and wellbeing of LGBTQI+ youth and other Americans.”

“Those who attack our community are driven by an agenda of politics, it has nothing to do with medicine, it has nothing to do with science,” Levine added.

He went on to say, “They are rejecting … well established science, and simply rejecting basic human compassion.”

That’s right – the Biden administration’s official policy is that questioning the recent and rampant uptick in transgenderism is “rejecting science and human compassion.”

The peak of human compassion to them is to prescribe children with puberty blockers and allow them to opt for surgeries that are irreversible before they can vote.

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