Biden turned white as a ghost when he was asked this simple question

Joe Biden

Millions of Americans are concerned about Biden’s ability to lead the nation. And it’s only getting worse.

And Joe Biden just turned white as a ghost when he was asked this simple question.

For nearly two years, President Joe Biden has been a disaster in front of the camera.

Biden can’t get through interviews without rambling on about random stuff no one asked him about.

He even struggles with teleprompters.

It’s caused millions of Americans to question his mental capability to run the White House.

Appearing on 60 Minutes, Joe Biden was even asked point blank about what he thinks about Americans questioning his mental fitness.

His response was… bizarre, to say the least.

He mumbles and barely gets through the question, only fueling the fire to the original question.

Check it out below:

About half of that answer was truly just nonsensical.

It’s a little ironic that Biden was asked about his mental fitness and then proceeded to ramble almost unintelligibly.

Even a former White House doctor for Barack Obama and Donald Trump has recently called Biden’s mental faculties into question.

U.S. Representative from Texas Ronny Jackson is a former White House doctor who appeared on Fox News and said it’s only getting worse.

Biden isn’t even halfway through his first term and everyone is seeing just how badly Biden is doing.

According to polls, the vast majority of Americans believe there’s no way Biden runs for re-election in 2024.

Even the Democrat Leftist base doesn’t want him to run again, largely because of his obvious mental decline.

This puts the Democrats in a lose-lose situation.

If they run Biden again in 2024, he could lose in a landslide to a popular Republican like Ron DeSantis or a resurging Donald Trump.

But if he doesn’t run, the Democrats have no good replacement for him.

Kamala Harris would lose to a paperweight and the American people would see right through their games of how they just used Biden to get Trump out of office.

One thing is certain, though. The Democrats put themselves in this position by pushing Biden in 2020.

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