Biden’s failure to free American hostage leads to a devastating end

International relations are deteriorating fast. America is in serious danger of going to war.

Especially after Biden’s failure to free an American hostage leads to a devastating end.

News has broken that another prisoner at a Russian facility reportedly attacked incarcerated American Marine held hostage Paul Whelan.

The Mordovian Federal Penitentiary Service informed Russian news agency Interfax that Whelan, whose family maintains he’s been wrongfully convicted, was injured in an altercation with another inmate, resulting in an eye damage.

According to the news source, the individual who attacked Whelan is a “convict from Turkey” who reportedly acted “on the basis of political differences.”

The Federal Penitentiary Service stated that “employees of the institution immediately stopped the illegal actions and took the participants in the conflict to the medical unit,” as reported by Interfax. Apparently, Whelan has a cut just beneath his eye.

The event was reportedly captured on film and is currently under investigation by the Mordovia police, according to the article.

An attack occurred in a work camp on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Whelan family. According to David Whelan, his brother Paul was at work seated at a sewing table when a new prisoner got in the path of the assembly line. Paul then ordered the inmate to step aside.

The prisoner struck Paul on the head, shattering his spectacles, and then tried to strike him again, according to an email statement from David Whelan. “Paul stood up to block the second hit and other prisoners intervened to prevent the prisoner continuing to attack Paul.”

According to David Whelan, his brother has requested that the local prosecutors look into the assault.

“He is also concerned that these sorts of attacks can occur any time and, due to the various sharp implements in the workshop including the shears the other prisoner was holding today, could escalate into a far more serious attack,” stated David Whelan.

“Paul is a target because he is an American and anti-American sentiment is not uncommon among the other prisoners.”

According to information from the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow has been in touch with Paul and is aware that he is undergoing medical care.

Along with demanding the safe release of all American detainees, the State Department urged Russia to free Whelan.

Whelan was given a 16-year prison term after his arrest in December 2018 on allegations of espionage and working for the United States government. The 53-year-old is still a prisoner at a work camp in the Russian country of Mordovia, and both he and the United States have rejected the accusations.

The Russian Federal Security Service apprehended Whelan on December 28, 2018, when he was staying at a hotel in the Moscow region. He was supposedly in Moscow at the time to serve as a tour guide for the groom’s family and attend a friend’s wedding. On the other hand, Russian authorities said that Whelan had met with an anonymous Russian national who presented the ex-marine with a USB drive with secret information.

He was not a part of last year’s now infamous prisoner swap between the United States and Russia, which freed WNBA player Brittney Griner in return for the freedom of Viktor Bout, a well-known Russian arms dealer known as the “Merchant of Death.”

There’s no reports at this time indicating that Russia is willing to work with the United States to free Mr. Whelan. They insist that he is an American spy and therefore guilty of violating international espionage laws.

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