Biden’s military has been caught funding Chinese communists

Conservatives have warned about the Democrats’ connections to China for years. And now it’s all out in the open.

Because now Biden’s military has been caught funding Chinese communists.

The Republicans in the House of Representatives are looking into how much the Department of Defense pays for Chinese influence at U.S. universities.

Reps. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, and Jim Banks, R-Ind., along with 24 other GOP colleagues, wrote a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on February 3 demanding information about DOD funding for institutions that house Confucius Institutes (CI) or other organizations with ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

“As you are aware, Congress has long been concerned with the influence and infiltration of Confucius Institutes on the campuses of American IHEs [institutes of higher education],” the letter reads.

“According to the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Confucius Institutes ‘advance Beijing’s preferred narrative and subvert important academic principles such as institutional autonomy and academic freedom.'”

The letter made reference to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2021, which forbids DOD financing for American IHEs starting on October 1.

The MPs said in the letter that the Chinese had developed legal loopholes.

The parent organization of CI, the Office of Chinese Language Council International, has changed its name to the Chinese International Education Foundation (CIEF) and is now in charge of funding and managing various initiatives.

According to the MPs, the DOD has given funds to organizations connected to the recently rebranded organisztions under contract, which would be against the law if it continued after October 1.

On Monday, Fallon said, “We can no longer tolerate negative CCP influence in our culture. ”

The House Republicans’ July letter voicing concerns about CI on college campuses was criticized for not receiving a response from the DOD in the letter.

According to The Epoch Times, Chinese companies awarded roughly $1.5 billion in gifts and contracts to American universities that host CIs between 2014 and 20.

Of course, this comes after the recent Chinese spy balloon fiasco that left Biden vulnerable to attacks from both sides of the political spectrum.

Democrats and Republicans alike condemned the President for his inaction and for putting America at a security risk.

It’s still unclear if China accomplished securing any intel from their spy balloon, but the fact that Biden is incompetent remains.

But he’s not only incompetent. The Democrats have been cozying up to the politics of the Chinese for the past decade or so.

Just consider how the Democrats wanted to follow the lead of China in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Americans deserve answers to why Joe Biden and the Democrats are putting China before the safety and security of Americans.

The new GOP-controlled House seems intent on pulling those threads to find out why.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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