Chuck Schumer got the worst news of his life from the last place he expected

Chuck Schumer

The midterm elections are heating up by the hour. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is doing everything he can to save face ahead of a major red wave year.

But Chuck Schumer got the worst news of his life from the last place he ever expected.

It’s no secret that Chuck Schumer is an unlikable politician, to say the least.

His tenure as the Senate Majority Leader has been met with skepticism around his ability to get anything done, and that includes those within his own party.

Even Joe Biden has expressed frustration with Chuck Schumer’s inability to get anything passed and on his desk in the Oval Office awaiting the President’s signature.

Combine that with the fact that Nancy Pelosi is also wildly unpopular right now as well as Joe Biden himself, and Democrats have a recipe for disaster this November.

At the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency, analysts said that Republicans would be lucky to just close the gap of the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

And many said that the Democrats would likely gain seats in the U.S. Senate to cement their control.

But the script has flipped and projections are showing that Republicans will almost certainly take firm control of the House and may even take the Senate as well.

A major seat that is up for grabs is Arizona’s Senate seat where Republican Blake Masters is seeking to unseat Democrat Mark Kelly.

At the onset of this race, it seemed like Masters likely wouldn’t be able to take Kelly’s seat. But that’s all changed now.

In a Daily Wire exclusive poll, Blake Masters is sitting just one point behind Mark Kelly, 46.4% to 47.4%.

On top of that, Republican Kari Lake leads her Democrat opponent Katie Hobbs in the Arizona gubernatorial race.

The Daily Wire reports:

One of the chief advantages Republicans have in Arizona is President Joe Biden’s unpopularity. Tying Democrats to Biden’s administration, which has struggled to handle a multitude of domestic and global crises, could pay dividends for GOP candidates.

“Most of the undecideds have a negative opinion about how Biden is handling his job as president, 55.9% in the Senate race and 56.9% in Governors race,” Trafalgar founder Robert Cahaly told The Daily Wire.

All across the country, we are seeing races that were supposed to be easily won by Democrats get tighter and tighter by the day.

One could argue this should be expected, though.

Back in November 2021, New Jersey’s sitting Democrat Senate President, Steve Sweeney, lost his seat to a completely unknown truck driver, Edward Durr.

Durr spent all of 153 dollars on his campaign and beat Steve Sweeney by a fairly huge margin of four points given the context of the race.

That was the first wakeup call that voters may be utterly fed up with the failures of the Democrats in power like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer.

And Chuck Schumer may be on his way out as well if the Daily Wire poll is to be trusted.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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