Clinton advisor eviscerates Joe Biden for this disgusting double standard

Dick Morris

Is there any low to which the Biden administration won’t stoop to? That’s what a top Clinton advisor wants to know.

Because Joe Biden just got eviscerated by a Clinton family advisor for this disgusting double standard.

Richard Samuel Morris (Dick Morris) served as a personal political advisor to the former President Bill Clinton for decades.

He remembers when Democrats were a party that was supposed to be about “good jobs and good pay” for the masses and defending the “little guy.”

But the Democrat Party today is simply not anything like what they used to be even just 20 years ago or so.

Just consider how the Democrat Party today believes that abortion should be legal all across the country through all nine months of a pregnancy with no questions asked.

That’s a far cry from the “safe and rare” mantra they used to say about abortion even during Barack Obama’s first term in office. Or do you remember how Barack Obama used to say that marriage was between one man and one woman for life? We do too.

Regardless, this has caused some like Dick Morris to depart from the Democrat Party. Today, Dick Morris is extremely critical of the Democrat Party and what it’s trying to accomplish.

Recently, Dick Morris shared with the media that he finds it “unbelievable” that the DOJ under the direction of Joe Biden is playing by a double standard as for the justice for Donald Trump and Hunter Biden.

He brought up how the IRS “blocked” people from investigating the Hunter Biden tax crimes too much and voiced concerns that the investigation was compromised from the beginning.

“They blocked the IRS agents from interviewing Hunter, they leaked the time and the place of the search … so they could make sure everything was nice and neat for them and it’s just outrageous what’s going on,” Morris said appearing on Newsmax with John Bachman.

Then Dick Morris brought up the Trump indictment issues, specifically the potential of yet another indictment being brought by Jack Smith over the events of January 6, 2021.

In Moriss’s opinion, the Democrats are trying to disqualify Donald Trump from the 2024 Presidential election completely. And he doesn’t think it’s fair.

“But there’s a larger point that I want to focus on with you,” Morris continued on.

“This new indictment of Trump, if it comes through, is totally different from the others because it accuses him essentially of waging an insurrection against the government and it characterizes Trump’s objections to the 2020 election as acts of sedition and that’s clearly an attempt to invoke the 14th amendment that says that if anybody was in sedition or rebellion of the U.S. government they can’t hold public office and that’s clearly what they’re trying to do.”

He notes that a guilty verdict from the D.C. grand jury could keep Donald Trump off the ballot as early as the Republican primary season.

“And if he’s found guilty of this by a D.C. grand jury, which would be of course all Democrats, he literally could be barred from appearing on the ballot and you may find Democratic secretaries of state around the country who refuse to put them on the ballot,” Morris added.

Morris called this a “direct assault” on the ability of the American people to choose their President in a fair election cycle.

“So, this is a direct assault on our right to choose the next president and I believe what we need to do is that Congress needs to say they will not vote any more money, the house, for the government, they will close it down if they have to rather than let the Justice Department proceed,” Morris suggested.

Morris isn’t even a bastion of conservatism, but he can see what the Democrats are doing from a mile away. And he’s right that it’s completely unfair for Trump to be obviously targeted because he’s the presidential front-runner for 2024 right now.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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