CNN will go bankrupt according to bombshell leaked report

It’s well known that CNN has been had a rough past two years. They can’t seem to get out of their own way.

And now CNN is going bankrupt according to this stunning report that just leaked.

CNN’s approach of highly anti-conservative themes interspersed throughout the majority of its programming roster has turned out to be a complete failure.

That approach may have been successful while former President Donald Trump was in power because CNN’s sheep-like viewers couldn’t get enough of the Trump Derangement Syndrome at the time.

But the left-leaning network’s heyday of above-average ratings is long gone, and it’s quite amazing that they’re still in operation.

One of the few household names still associated with CNN, Don Lemon, was reportedly suffering after being moved from his failing prime-time show to the network’s underwhelming morning schedule in September 2022.

When Lemon was moved to the morning lineup, he adamantly argued that he had not been “demoted” and added that he had chosen to accept what he called a “promotion.”

But the data isn’t lying; it paints a much more depressing picture for Lemon.

Since its debut last year, his morning program, “CNN This Morning,” has not only struggled in the ratings; most recently, it had its worst ratings week ever.

The figures show that Americans are sick and weary of the extreme progressive rubbish coming from the left wing of the media establishment, especially when compared to a dominant morning show like Fox News’ “Fox & Friends.”

Last week, “Fox & Friends” completely destroyed the morning ratings with an astounding 1.3 million viewers.

331,000 viewers were bare minimum for Lemon’s “CNN This Morning.”

CNN’s ratings were far more embarrassing in the 25-54 group, which is where advertisers pay the most attention, managing only 65,000 views. The program with the most viewers in that category, 180,000, was “Fox & Friends.”

Since Lemon’s show debuted, it has been such a running joke that even staunchly liberal comedian Stephen Colbert has poked fun at Lemon for what he wears on-air, focusing on a recent strange clothing Lemon donned.

While Lemon may draw in a few extra inquisitive viewers merely to see what he’s wearing on any given day, it is doubtful that this will be enough to save his struggling network or show.

Overall, Fox News outperformed CNN last week in the ratings race.

During the week of January 16–22, the media behemoth Fox News managed an astonishing 1.4 million viewers. Even ESPN, HGTV, the Hallmark Channel, and CNN’s left-leaning rival, MSNBC, outperformed CNN with 417,000 viewers to CNN’s 417,000.

There is simply no category in which CNN scores in a range that would impress anyone, much less the advertisers it depends on to survive. And it’s been like way for long enough that it’s obvious that it’s not just a hiccup or a bump on the road anymore.

The network’s degrading ratings are a reflection of its radical progressive slant and programming direction, which the majority of Americans are evidently no longer interested in hearing.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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