Culprit identified in White House drug bust

Hunter and Joe

Last week, the Biden admin faced scrutiny after cocaine was found in the White House. Many wondered if it could be Hunter Biden’s.

And now a culprit has been identified in this White House drug bust.

During an interview Monday, Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) of the House Oversight Committee stated that he believes the US Secret Service has identified someone as a suspect in the cocaine case discovered last week in the White House.

Fallon told Fox News presenter Martha MacCallum that he asked law enforcement officers in his home state how long it would take to remove fingerprints from the packet containing the cocaine and was told it would be an hour.

“If there was no fingerprints, they could have told us immediately,” he said.

“So, I suspect there are fingerprints, and you can run it through a database, and this was found where high level aides and staffers are, so most of them were fingerprinted at one time or another, so they may very well already know who it belongs to and aren’t sharing with us and that’s my greatest concern and worry.”


Officials claimed last week that they expected the Secret Service’s probe to be completed by today, but that schedule was later pushed back.

“Secret Service briefing on White House cocaine now moved UP to Thursday, July 13 at 10 am,” said Fox News correspondent Chad Pergram.

“Will be with staff. Had been told earlier today it would be moved back until late July. But that just changed. Fox is told this means the USSS may have more to share about its inquiry.”

After many rounds of lab testing, the Secret Service determined last week that the white powdery material discovered last Sunday was, in fact, cocaine.

The finding sparked widespread speculation that the cocaine belonged to Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s troublesome son who has previously battled cocaine and crack addiction and has been seen at the White House.

Officials did not specify whether the younger Biden is being investigated.

But it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone who is familiar with Hunter Biden.

Just recently, news broke that Hunter Biden had taken photos of himself driving 175 miles per hour while smoking crack.

But with Joe Biden at the helm, we’ll see if we ever find out who truly is the culprit in this case.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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