Democrats are losing their minds after Joe Biden was caught doing this on video

Joe Biden

The Democrat Party is running out of time to save their majorities in Congress. Joe Biden isn’t doing them any favors.

And Democrats are losing their minds after Joe Biden was caught doing this on video.

Election day is almost here, and it looks like the red wave is picking up steam.

With flagging support and one scandal after another hitting Democrats, it could be a perfect storm for the Republican Party this November.

If the Left loses even one seat in the Senate, their entire agenda will come to a screeching halt.

But rather than tighten up and do his best to help his comrades in Congress, Joe Biden just made a fool of himself on national television.

On Wednesday, Biden hosted Israeli President Isaac Herzog at the White House for a media availability event.

Normally, after a media appearance, presidents will receive and answer questions posed by journalists in attendance.

And with record inflation, illegal immigration at the southern border, and questions of his ability to serve, it would only make sense for Biden to quell the fears of the people.

But he decided not to answer any questions, making it the second time in the same day he did so.

Instead, his handlers can be heard on video yelling at reporters in an attempt to usher the, out of the room.

During this uncomfortable situation, Biden can be seen smiling and laughing at the reporters.

At one point, he looks wide-eyed at one reporter rapidly moving his mouth to imitate her attempt to question him.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize just how ill-timed this stunt by Biden is.

Republicans are up 2.1 points over Democrats in the Real Clear Politics Generic Congressional Ballot.

And Democrats in battleground states are signaling they are likely to lose.

But rather than preserve his agenda, Biden would rather make faces at the media and the American people.

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