Democrats are shredding documents in a PANIC to coverup this bombshell Elon Musk dropped

Elon Musk

When Elon Musk bought Twitter, Democrats and Leftists knew he would air their dirty laundry. But no one expected it to be quite like this.

That’s why Democrats are shredding documents in a PANIC to cover up this bombshell that Elon Musk just dropped on them.

For years, Democrats and Leftists have enjoyed near-total control over major social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

That control has helped them immensely to control the narrative by handling exactly what users on those platforms will and won’t see.

One of the worst offenders of this has definitely been Twitter.

Most know by now that in 2020, Twitter spearheaded the suppression of the New York Post’s bombshell story that exposed the Hunter Biden laptop.

Facebook followed Twitter’s example and suppressed the story as well.

It was shocking to see that a reputable source like New York Post was being throttled by Twitter, but it was hardly surprising considering it was a story that was damaging for Joe Biden and the Democrats just ahead of the 2020 election cycle.

The question left for many to chew on, was how exactly Twitter got away with such an obvious breaking of its own rules.

When Elon Musk assumed control over Twitter after purchasing the network, he promised to bring clarity to the Twitter-New York Post situation.

And he’s kept that promise as his investigation of “The Twitter Files” has resulted in new information that details what went down during the release of the New York Post’s article.

Journalist Matt Taibbi took to Twitter to share a thread of tweets that he labeled “The Twitter Files” that details all of this new information.

He notes how Twitter didn’t start out as a Leftist arm for the Democrats, but that it became that way after the Left-leaning Twitter employees essentially got drunk with power.

This would lead to Twitter employees being direct contacts for politicians to make requests of, specifically to censor Twitter users.

Matt Taibbi also noted that Twitter is dominated by Left-leaning employees meant that Democrats found a ton of success for donations.

Where it truly gets interesting is seeing how Twitter approached the New York Post Hunter Biden laptop article.

Taibbi shares proof that Twitter made up a “hacked materials” excuse to suppress the story and keep it from making the rounds.

Even employees said the “hacking” excuse wouldn’t hold much weight and that it was just used to milk the censorship while they could. Some emails show that it was being questioned if Twitter could legitimately use the “hacked materials” excuse at all.

Additionally, Twitter employees knew the situation was out of control.

The whole thread is fascinating and we encourage you to go to Matt Taibbi’s user profile on Twitter to read the whole story to get the best picture of how it all went down.

You can do that with the link below.

This has Democrats freaking out about what Elon Musk just might uncover next as the sole owner of Twitter.

No one who has been involved with dirty censorship schemes and abuse of Big Tech is safe from being exposed by Elon Musk.

And it’s likely many Democrats are shredding documents right now after these Twitter emails leaked.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal for more.

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