Donald Trump called Joe Biden two words that show he’s not playing games anymore

We seem all but set for a rematch of the 2020 election. That has Democrats very nervous.

Because Donald Trump just called Biden two words that show he’s not playing games anymore.

Many aspects of President Joe Biden and his presidency are deserving of criticism.

His first term as president has been marred by poor policymaking and even worse radical rhetoric, and that’s without addressing concerns about his physical and mental condition.

However, this is all exacerbated by the fact that it is unclear whether or not President Joe Biden genuinely is in control of the White House or is only a sham puppet of his far-Left masters.

The fact that Biden may be the most shielded, curated, and coddled president the nation has ever seen is part of the reason why this is unclear.

The most recent instance of this was when Biden agreed to go under the microscope of CBS News’ flagship program 60 Minutes and answer the anchors’ and producers’ tough questions.

We’re joking about the “tough questions” part, if that wasn’t clear.

Everyone was watching Biden’s appearance on the show on Sunday night to see if the sitting president might turn the tides of public opinion against him.

Unfortunately, it did not occur because, as has been the case during his time as president, Biden was asked questions softer than little league wiffle ball.

This caught the attention of the public.

Interestingly, the main obstacle to Biden’s re-election at the moment, former President Donald Trump, pointed out the softball questions and what each of the giveaway questions consisted of.

Trump started off his scathing post to Truth Social by saying, “The show ’60 Minutes’ should be ashamed of themselves. They just interviewed Crooked Joe Biden, and led him along like a lost child.”

“They are protecting Biden even though he is the most corrupt and incompetent President in the history of the United States. The Carter Administration looks absolutely brilliant by comparison,” he added.

See if you concur with Trump’s evaluation for yourself in the following:

These weren’t loaded, tough questions aimed at a president who desperately needed transparency; rather, they were prepared, easy questions aimed at a president who clearly doesn’t care about delivering even an ounce of insight.

Trump is absolutely correct in this instance.

Biden is not only an abysmally bad and struggling president, but he is also buoyed up by Big Media frauds who want to keep him in power.

Trump may be divisive, but he oftentimes has a point.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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