Donald Trump can’t believe what the RNC is forcing him to do

Donald Trump

The Republican National Committee has a history of pulling strings for their establishment. But this shocked everyone.

And now Donald Trump can’t believe what the RNC is forcing him to do.

Former President Donald Trump has made it very clear over the years that he respects what the Republican Party is supposed to stand for, but that he will always counter the establishment RINOs who have taken over the party.

That was what made him such a strong candidate back in 2016.

Conservatives were tired of the Mitt Romneys and the John McCains of the world running for President back in 2008 and 2012.

These RINOs simply didn’t drive out any votes because the conservative base in general didn’t trust them. Many voters simply voted for them because they weren’t Barack Obama.

Donald Trump rolled onto the scene when he announced in 2015 and immediately became the Republican front-runner because he represented the anti-establishment and the voters who were tired with the political games. And it’s ultimately why he won against Hillary Clinton in November of 2016.

Today, Trump is running again and is unsurprisingly the Republican front-runner. But the RNC may be trying to change that.

According to reports, the Republican National Committee is going to be requiring all candidates who want to participate in the debates pledge their support for the eventual Republican nominee, no matter who it is.

Their statement reads:

Have signed pledge agreeing to support the eventual party nominee.

This could force Donald Trump off of the debate stage for the 2024 Republican primaries later this year.

When he was at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) earlier this year in March, Donald Trump would not clarify whether he would pledge support for the eventual Republican nominee, no matter what.

“There are probably people that I wouldn’t be very happy about endorsing who are running, so we’ll see,” Trump shared in March.

Donald Trump is going to have to make the decision to skip the debates if he truly does not want to pledge support no matter what.

Should he skip the debates, that would most certainly prove to be a major problem for both the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

That would likely be the start of Donald Trump eyeing a third-party run in 2024 should he fail to secure the Republican nomination.

In that case, the voters that Donald Trump championed in 2016 and 2020 would be split in two different directions in 2024. That would effectively hand Joe Biden a second term on a silver platter.

It’s understandable that Donald Trump is cautious to support the eventual Republican nominee no matter what. The Republican establishment has a history of betraying the conservative base that Trump is trying to represent.

But a split of the vote in the 2024 general election needs to be avoided if Biden is to be beaten.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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