Donald Trump completely exposed one RINO in the most devastating way

Former President Trump is on the war path to take back the White House. He doesn’t have time for fake conservatives.

And Donald Trump completely exposed one RINO in the most devastating way.

Conservative Americans can’t depend on all of their elected Republicans to stand up for their values.

Too many will cave to the cancel culture mob.

But former President Donald Trump is putting them in their place.

Trump blasted Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) for vetoing a bill that would have prohibited transgender operations on children.

Trump’s remarks come just one day after DeWine vetoed a bill that would have prohibited kids from having gender treatments and boys from playing in girls’ sports.

The former president also urged the Ohio legislature, which Republicans control by a landslide, to override DeWine’s veto.

“DeWine has fallen to the Radical Left. No wonder he gets loudly booed in Ohio every time I introduce him at Rallies, but I won’t be introducing him any more. I’m finished with this ‘stiff.’ What was he thinking. The bill would have stopped child mutilation, and prevented men from playing in women’s sports. Legislature will hopefully overturn. Do it FAST!!!” Trump posted on Truth Social.

Despite his initial criticism of DeWine during the 2020 election, Trump endorsed the governor’s re-election attempt in 2022.

After facing many challenges and facing criticism from conservatives over his management of COVID, DeWine garnered fewer than 50% of the Republican primary vote.

DeWine stated during a press conference following his decision to veto the proposal that if it became law, the government would be infringing on the rights of parents.

Ohio Republicans, notably Sen. J.D. Vance, were outraged by his choice.

Vance attacked DeWine’s argument, claiming the governor is simply using “a slogan” to justify his veto by citing parents’ rights to make medical decisions for their children.

“This is a slogan, not a justification. There are many things the law rightfully says no one, including parents, may do to children,” Vance wrote on X.

“This slogan also ignores the extraordinary pressure from interest groups and big pharma to green light poorly understood, irreversible procedures. I’m extremely disappointed in the governor’s decision and hope it is overridden.”

The law would have prohibited mastectomies on girls who identify as boys, as well as administering children cross-s*x hormones and puberty blockers, which have been related to bone development abnormalities, fertility concerns, and cardiac problems.

Trump has stated his support for a national ban on transgender treatments, calling them “child abuse” and “child s*xual mutilation.”

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