Donald Trump pulls off the gloves and hits Obama and Biden right where it hurts

Former President Trump isn’t playing around anymore. He’s going for the jugular.

Because Trump has pulled the gloves off and hit Obama and Biden right where it hurts.

There’s no understating just how important the 2024 election cycle is for the future of the United States.

Both major political parties are trying to cement their control over Washington, D.C. as the country seems to be at a tipping point for what type of nation the U.S. will be over the next few decades.

The vision for America that the Left has is extremely different from the vision that conservatives on the Right have.

Just consider how the Left wants to allow abortion-on-demand through all nine months of a pregnancy for whatever reason at all, and sometimes afterwards. Or how they want to move to ban gas-operated vehicles outright by the 2030s.

Much of this radicalization started back in 2008, and is due to a man we all know very well: Barack Obama.

Though Joe Biden is President and Obama has been out of office for nearly a decade now, many suggest that Barack Obama is still the one behind the curtains pulling the strings for the Democrats to this day.

Recently, Donald Trump called this out during a speech in the Sunshine State.

Trump lamented that the Biden administration is simply not protecting America’s borders and he alleges that terrorists are making their way in to the United States because of Joe Biden’s lax approach to national security.

He then dropped the hammer when he said Barack Obama is Joe Biden’s boss.

“The Biden administration is inviting them in. You know why?” Trump asked. “Because he’s got a boss, who’s his boss? Barack Hussein Obama,” Trump added.

Trump hilariously recalled when Rush Limbaugh would call Barack Obama “Hussein” to suggest that Obama doesn’t have the interests of Americans at heart, and instead is more concerned with appeasing radicals in the Middle East.

“Remember the great Rush Limbaugh?” Trump also asked. “He’d go ‘Barack Hussein Obama.'”

Check out the clip for yourself below, and enjoy the snowflakes who are losing their minds that Donald Trump is merely using Obama’s middle name.

Much of this is just fun and games. Donald Trump knows how to entertain a crowd, after all. But what he said about Barack Obama being Joe Biden’s boss resonates with millions.

Millions of Americans feel as though Joe Biden isn’t actually in control of his own administration at all. How could he be? He can barely get on and off the stage to give a stuttery mess of a speech.

We’re supposed to believe he’s the mastermind behind the extreme radicalism of the Biden administration? That’s pretty hard to swallow.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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