Donald Trump’s lawyers discover a disturbing fact about Trump’s prosecutors

Former President Donald Trump is up to his ears in legal battles. But those might all go away very soon.

Because Donald Trump’s lawyers have discovered a disturbing fact about Trump’s prosecutors.

On Tuesday, a Trump lawyer blasted Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for allegedly hiring a lover and authorizing payments totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An official document filed by lawyers representing Michael Roman states that Willis allegedly appointed Nathan Wade, a personal injury attorney who is said to have had an affair with the district attorney of Fulton County, as a special prosecutor to aid in the prosecution of Trump, who is facing a 13-count indictment that includes RICO charges.

Alina Habba slammed Willis for the money she gave Wade; Wade allegedly collected over $600,000 in compensation that Willis authorized.

“If those allegations are true, Sean, that is so disturbing on so many levels.”

First and foremost, Habba informed Fox News anchor Sean Hannity that the funds allocated from the state of Georgia are funding her boyfriend, who has joined forces with her to investigate and even prosecute Trump.

“For the American people that, when I thought we couldn’t get lower, when I thought we really couldn’t attack him anymore, with literally no self-respect and dignity, we have this. We have a woman now bringing in somebody who’s her boyfriend, paying him quadruple – 10 times what she’s making, whatever the number is, and then vacationing on taxpayer dollars, and then in their spare time talking about going after Trump.”

Additionally, Habba slammed the journalists who were caught on camera making jokes about a Trump assassination attempt while he was speaking at oral arguments in the case. The court is hearing an appeal from a ruling by District Judge Tanya Chutkan of the District of Columbia, who denied Trump’s attorneys’ request to drop the charges from a four-count indictment that special counsel Jack Smith gathered in August.

“To joke about an assassination of a former president and leading candidate is deranged, it’s sick and it should be handled appropriately,” Habba declared.

The accusations against Willis, according to Habba, demonstrated that Trump was the object of political persecution. “They’ll accuse him of the things they’re doing themselves, and that is the case right here,” Habba said.

“It’s a perfect example. It says it all. If this is true, if she really was using taxpayer dollars to funnel vacations, and then go after Trump, completely disregarding ethics, completely prosecuting, it’s called selective prosecution, you are going after someone as a target, and then teaming up with your friends.”

“The only RICO I see is the RICO with the DAs and AGs that is happening,” Habba added.

“The conspiracy is not a conspiracy at all. We have Soros-backed and other funders that we’ve seen, that are backing these individuals and they are coordinating, they are profiting and they are becoming famous, and politically, their agenda is all the same: Get Trump. That is the only RICO case I see here. That is the only RICO case. The facts are the truth: Donald Trump has done nothing wrong and they have intentionally done this… to interfere in an election because they can’t beat him in the polls.”

Democrats were hoping that the indictments being brought against Donald Trump would be enough of a smear campaign to prevent Donald Trump from being able to even get close to winning the 2024 Presidential election.

Instead, the former Republican president is as politically strong as ever if the polls and surveys of the last several months are any indication at all.

If anything, it’s the Trump prosecutors who are having their reputations completely shredded into pieces as the American people largely believe the legal charges being brought against Donald Trump are unfair.

The corruption of people like Fani Willis is on full display and the Democrats can’t hide from it.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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