Federal prosecutors laugh in Hunter Biden’s face for this unhinged defense

There’s no more running for Hunter Biden. He’s effectively dead to rights.

And now federal prosecutors are laughing in Hunter Biden’s face for this absurd claim.

In a harsh court filing, federal prosecutors rejected Hunter Biden’s contention that the gun charge against him is politically driven. They pointed out that the first son freely confessed in his biography to regularly using crack around the time he bought a pistol in 2018.

On Tuesday, prosecutors filed a document in Delaware court saying that the “theory is a fiction designed for a Hollywood script.” This was in response to Hunter’s recent move to dismiss the case, which he made on the basis that he is being persecuted by his father’s political opponents.

The younger Biden’s book from 2021 details his battles with substance abuse and is cited many times in the 52-page document. In 2018, when he was using crack every fifteen minutes or so, Hunter decided to buy a pistol after a drug dealer brandished a gun at him during a transaction, as he recounts in his book.

The complaint also includes information from the prosecution about the discovery of cocaine on the handgun pouch that Hunter was using. Subsequently, his ex-girlfriend disposed of the bag in a public parking lot trashcan after discovering it in his vehicle.

His Apple iCloud conversations also had him discussing the purchase of thousands of dollars’ worth of crack and showing footage of him smoking and weighing the drug. In addition, the brown leather pouch where the defendant kept his gun tested positive for cocaine residue, according to a scientist.

Additionally, the prosecution notes that Hunter’s legal team did not provide any evidence of political persecution by being unable to name anyone else who committed comparable crimes but were not brought to justice.

The accusations in this case were presented about the defendant’s own decisions and were not fabricated or caused by former President Trump, according to prosecutors. They were brought about despite, not because of, political rhetoric.

“The defendant cannot prevail on his selective prosecution claim because he does not identify any individual who chose to make similar choices as him who was not prosecuted, and he cannot establish any link between statements of politicians and a discriminatory purpose by current DOJ officials.”

On Tuesday, prosecutors responded to Hunter’s second argument that he is immune from narcotics possession charges because of his Second Amendment rights in a separate petition. When an armed person poses a danger to public safety, the Department of Justice has said that the right to bear weapons can be suspended.

“Anglo-American law has long recognized that the government may disarm those who, by their conduct or characteristics, present an increased risk to public safety if they possess firearms,” the DOJ wrote in Tuesday’s court filing.

Hunter Biden was charged in September 2023 by DOJ special counsel David Weiss on charges related to the president’s son’s alleged 2018 gun purchase fraud. Following additional review by a District Court judge, a plea agreement that Weiss had arranged for Biden in the summer of 2023 collapsed, leading to the indictment.

Hunter Biden “knowingly made a false and fictitious written statement, intended and likely to deceive” a dealer in October 2018 in his attempt to buy a Colt Cobra revolver, according to the four-page charge that was filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware in the fall of 2023.

Republicans have accused Weiss of slacking off on the probe into the expansive lawsuit against Hunter Biden since late 2018. Weiss has been overseeing the inquiry due to the defendant’s connection to the president. The federal firearms charge was about to expire before the September indictment was eventually filed.

No doubt, this legal case against Hunter Biden is simply a black eye for the Biden family as a whole, which isn’t going to do President Joe Biden any favors.

Americans are souring against Joe Biden and his Democrat lackeys more than ever, with his approval ratings barely staying above 30% in some surveys of likely 2024 voters. A lawsuit airing out all of the Biden families worst dirty laundry is the last thing Joe Biden and the Democrats want.

But it’s what they are getting.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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