Foreign terrorist leader tells Joe Biden four words that are downright scary

Everyone feels like another world war is around the corner. We may be inching closer and closer.

Because a foreign terrorist leader has told Joe Biden four words that are spine-chilling.

On Friday, the leader of the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, which is supported by Iran, issued a threat to inflict retribution on the United States for its assistance to Israel in its fight to eradicate Hamas.

A terrorist military general, Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech that was televised that the United States is responsible for the bloodshed in Israel. He said in no uncertain terms that “Americans have to pay.”

Terrorists from Hezbollah battled with the Israel Defense Forces along the border with Lebanon, launching a second front in the fight just days after Hamas invaded Israel and committed the most savage slaughter against the Jewish people since the Holocaust of the late 1930s and early 1940s.

The Israeli military would “pay dearly,” Nasrallah said, if it targets Hezbollah’s stronghold in Lebanon.

Nasrallah praised the belligerent forces that are a part of the expanding coalition in the Middle East that is engaged in the struggle against Israel, which he referred to as a “holy war.”

“We must salute the … strong and brave Iraqi and Yemeni hands who are now involved in this holy war,” he stated.

To prevent an escalation of the crisis, the United States has sent two aircraft carriers and other military help and resources to the region in support of Israel. U.S. military unarmed MQ-9 Reaper drones have been flying over Gaza to aid Israel in locating and rescuing hostages held by Hamas since shortly after the attacks began.

Nasrallah scolded the United States on Friday, saying, “Your Navy ships in the Mediterranean don’t scare us and they never did.”

“To the Americans, I say to you, remember your defeats in Lebanon, Iraq, in Afghanistan and remember how you humiliatingly withdrew from Afghanistan,” he declared. “Today, Americans, I say to you, that those who defeated you in Lebanon at the beginning of the 80s, they are still alive and together with them we have today their children and their grandchildren.”

“Those who want to prevent a regional war, they must quickly proceed to put an end to the aggression on Gaza,” Nasrallah said. “And you, the Americans, you know very well that if war were to erupt in the region that your Navy ships, your Air Force, will be to no available and your interests, your troops your Navy ships, they will pay the price first and foremost, they will be the biggest loser.”

Hezbollah, also known as Hizbullah, is a Shiite militant and political organization based in Lebanon. Its history is closely tied to the complex political and social landscape of Lebanon, as well as regional and international dynamics.

Hezbollah has had strong ties to Iran since its inception. The Iranian Revolution of 1979 had a profound impact on the Shiite communities in Lebanon, and Iran provided financial, military, and ideological support to Hezbollah.

In its early years, Hezbollah was primarily focused on resisting the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon and launching attacks against Israeli military forces. They gained notoriety for their tactics, including suicide bombings and guerrilla warfare.

In 2006, a conflict between Hezbollah and Israel known as the “July War” or “2006 Lebanon War” erupted after Hezbollah captured Israeli soldiers. The conflict resulted in extensive damage to Lebanon and further solidified Hezbollah’s status as a formidable military force.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the state of Israel, has made it clear in no uncertain terms that if Hezbollah tries to launch another war conflict against the Israelis that there will be “unimaginable” consequences.

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