Fox News utterly destroyed Democrats with just one undeniable truth


There’s a reason why Fox News is the most popular cable news network around. They have their finger on the pulse of the average American.

And Fox News just utterly destroyed Democrats with this one undeniable truth.

Just a short few years ago, Americans loved the idea of living in a state like New York or California.

A ton of people have a rosy idea of living in a big city like San Francisco or NYC, but that’s all falling apart.

Democrat policies have brought America’s major cities to their knees with unchecked crime and out-of-control economies.

People can’t even afford rent in these major cities anymore, as a NYC apartment that’s 600 square feet can be north of $3,000/month.

It’s unsustainable, and Americans can see that writing on the wall. That’s why they are leaving Democrat states like California and New York in droves.

And where are they going?

Conservative strongholds like Texas, Tennessee, and of course, Florida.

The idea of living in a state where the Governor puts the people first and not Democrat nonsense is attracting millions of Americans to move.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld pointed this out on air for his viewers, saying that there’s a stark difference in the way Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) and Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) treat their citizens.

“While one (DeSantis) spoke of celebrating policies that led to unprecedented population growth, the other groveled to citizens she once mocked for leaving her state,” Gutfeld said in an opening monologue about the recent mass exodus from New York.

He continued on saying that her failed policies are to blame, and that ultimately falls on her.

“But, she now admits people are leaving in search of lower costs and opportunities elsewhere.

“I guess that includes the opportunity to not get stabbed or pushed in front of a subway – activities that blossomed under her watch as she continues to defend no-cash jail,” Gutfeld said.

“Of course, this is the same jacka** who, just a few months ago, told unhappy New Yorkers to beat it to Florida. (‘Just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong, okay. Get out of town! Get out of town!’)

“Turns out, she was giving them good advice,” Gutfeld joked.

Gutfeld shared a clip from Hochul saying that Democrats need to find a way to keep people from leaving Democrat states and cities.

“We must reverse the trend of people leaving our state, in search of lower costs and opportunities, elsewhere,” Hochul said.

And that’s when Greg hit her with the hard truth she isn’t going to like. That she can’t reverse what’s already been done.

“Yeah, so she’s ordered the National Guard to bomb Florida and Texas. She has no other solution,” Gutfeld responded.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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