Frank Biden exposes his brother Joe’s drug problem

Joe Biden

Joe’s brother Frank tries to stay out of the limelight. But now he’s telling all.

And Frank Biden exposes his brother Joe’s drug problem.

Joe Biden’s brother Frank is rarely ever caught speaking about the family’s business.

For most Americans, they probably don’t even know what he looks like or that he’s Joe’s brother.

Despite this, he made headlines for exposing President Biden’s opinion on an important matter.

President Joe Biden is “very open-minded” about the use of psychedelic drugs in medical therapy, according to his brother Frank Biden on Wednesday.

On Michael Smerconish’s SirusXM broadcast, Frank Biden discussed studies that shows promise in how microdosing on some substances such as ketamine and LSD can assist people combat addiction.

During the conversation, Biden described himself as a recovered alcoholic, and Smerconish pointed out that he has “skin in this game.”

When asked if he had discussed the subject with his brother, President Barack Obama, Biden responded “yes,” but added that these were private conversations.

“He is very open-minded — put it that way,” Biden said of the president. “I don’t want to speak, I’m talking brother-to-brother.”

According to NBC News, the federal government has regarded psychedelic drugs as having no “accepted medical use” for more than a half-century, but there has been a shift in recent years.

Following in the footsteps of marijuana, Oregon and Colorado have chosen to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms, and the Food and Drug Administration recently announced the release of a first draft guidance on clinical trials with psychedelic medicines.

According to the Daily Mail in 2021, at least five members of the Biden family, including Frank and the president’s son, Hunter, have struggled with addiction and have gone to rehab for drug or alcohol misuse.

Joe Biden is a teetotaler, which means he does not use alcohol.

After Smerconish spoke with a Wall Street Journal writer about a story about how psychedelics and similar drugs “power” Silicon Valley, Frank Biden, a non-attorney senior adviser for the Florida-based Berman Law Group, called into the show.

Frank Biden worried whether the United States is ready to embrace psychedelic drugs as a form of medical therapy after citing private discussions with his brother.

“My opinion is that we are on the cusp of a consciousness that needs to be brought about to solve a lot of the problems in and around addiction,” he said.

“But as importantly, to make us aware of the fact that we’re all one people. We’ve got to come together.”

Whether or not Joe Biden has participated in any of these practices or if he allowed his brother to speak on this matter is unclear.

But the last thing he needs in a tight election battle is outlandish opinions about mind-altering drugs leaked to the public.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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