Gavin Newsom was just smacked with these shocking allegations involving children

California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has ambitions of becoming the president one day. But those dreams are crashing down around him after what he just did.

Because Gavin Newsom was just smacked with these jaw-dropping allegations involving children.

California has long been a synonym for liberal craziness in the conservative world.

And Gavin Newsom has ensured the state doesn’t stray from their radical trajectory.

One of his major initiatives has been the brainwashing of children with liberal propaganda in the school systems.

According to public papers obtained by a concerned parent group, a California school district instructed educators that teaching “queer” subjects “does not require parental permission” or notification.

The documents obtained from the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) reveal teachers are urged to incorporate LGBTQ topics into their curriculum.

According to a district handbook obtained by Parents Defending Education, the district does not need parents to be told about any “queer” studies programs.

Several suggestions for instructors dealing with LGBTQ problems in the classroom are included in the handbook.

It requires teachers to use pupils’ preferred pronouns and allows students over the age of 12 to agree to “sensitive LGBTQ or sexual health-related services.”

“Teaching Queer and Trans Identity affirming lessons is mandated by SFUSD policy and the [California Department of Education] and does not require parental permission, nor does it require parental notification,” the handbook reads.

When discussing sexually explicit information, district policy requires parental notification; however, the district says that a talk about LGBTQ persons “does not constitute a discussion about human sexuality or family life education.”

According to a district spokesman, these policies are influenced in part by the California Department of Education.

“SFUSD follows the California Department of Education (CDE) mandate to inform all caregivers about planned instruction in comprehensive sexual health and HIV prevention education,” the spokeswoman said. “The SFUSD Student & Family Handbook provides our annual notice to parents and families, including the right to opt out.”

There is no way to opt out of LGBTQ-related topics or lessons.

A separate paper, which is only available to SFUSD employees, encourages educators to avoid using “binary pronouns.” The “Gender Inclusive Language” document offers alternatives to words like “mom” and “dad.”

Erika Sanzi, outreach director for Parents Defending Education, said in a statement that the district’s policy is “absolutely insane.”

“There is no subject that should be taught to elementary schoolers behind the backs of their parents but for a school district to explicitly state that they will teacher ‘queer and trans affirming lessons’ to other people’s young children and not notify parents is absolute madness,” Sanzi said.

“This is ideology — we don’t teach the catechism in public schools, with good reason, and we shouldn’t be teaching this either, no matter how many times school leaders repeat the word ‘inclusion.’ This isn’t inclusion; it’s dogma,” she continued.

When asked if there was parental opt-out on LGBTQ themes for any age group, a district official noted the curriculum already incorporates feedback from families and community people.

“Our LGBTQ lessons and health education curriculum involves input from stakeholders including families, community members, staff, students, and more to ensure we are meeting the needs of students,” the spokeswoman said.

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