Here’s the picture of Joe Biden that could end his Presidency


Joe Biden’s Presidency has been met with unseen frustration from Americans all across the nation. Even his voters are jumping ship.

This picture could be the final blow. And here’s the picture of Joe Biden that could end his Presidency.

President Joe Biden recently took to Independence Hall in Philadelphia to give a heated speech about threats to America’s Democracy.

However, it quickly became clear that it was a speech set up to vilify tens of millions of Americans for ever voting for Donald Trump.

Biden made wide-sweeping claims about all “MAGA Republicans,” saying they all “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

He even said that MAGA Republicans don’t respect the Constitution or the rule of law.

It was a truly ugly look for the President and he’s taking heat from all sides for making such a divisive speech that quite literally targeted half of America.

But one telling photo from his speech is making the rounds and might spell doom for his Presidency. See it below.

Joe Biden, standing in front of a blood-red backdrop, angered and raising his fists, vilifying and waging war on half of all Americans is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

No President in modern American history has ever done anything quite like this.

Many are stunned to learn the photo is real, and not photoshopped at all.

Conservatives are blasting Biden for making such an intensely divisive and damaging speech, and for good reason.

In his speech, he literally said MAGA Republicans are fanning the flames of violence.

Which is truly ironic considering he was the one fanning the flames of violence by demonizing tens of millions of Americans in just one speech.

There was no mercy for MAGA Republicans in Biden’s speech.

He even said they “embrace anger. They thrive in chaos. They live not in the light of truth, but in the shadow of lies.”

Biden’s speech feels like something out of a Twilight Zone episode.

It doesn’t feel real that we have a President who is way more concerned about demonizing his opposition than actually lifting just one finger to help the country.

America is suffering from rampant inflation, a crisis at the southern border, an energy crisis, and growing international threats like China.

But Biden would rather spend an hour ripping conservatives to shreds, all for political gain.

Make no mistake, Joe Biden and the Democrats are the authoritarian ones.

There is no room for disagreement with their outrageous policies. This speech is simple proof of that.

Donald Trump once noted that the radical Left wasn’t after him, they were after conservatives who were in their way.

He couldn’t have been more right.

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