Hillary Clinton is heading to the White House and you won’t believe why

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may have lost in 2016. But she can’t be kept from the White House.

And now Hillary Clinton is heading to the White House for this unbelievable reason.

Ever since her 2016 loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has been largely staying away from the main-stage of politics. As of late though, she’s been appearing more and more in the media and with high-profile Democrats.

She was once a mainstay for the Democrats, especially during the Barack Obama administration when she was the Secretary of State. Since her scandals she’s had to stay in the shadows though because her political allies didn’t want to be dragged down by her super unlikeability.

That appears to be over, though, because now the Biden administration is inviting Hillary Clinton to come back to the White House for an event next week.

The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is slated to attend a public event at the White House, but the plans are uncertain as a result of first lady Jill Biden’s positive Covid test, according to two people aware with the preparations.

According to the sources, Clinton and the First Lady will make an appearance on Tuesday at a ceremony recognizing the recipients of a major international arts prize. However, they warned that the combined appearance of the current and former first women might not take place since Jill Biden tested positive for the coronavirus this week.

However, if Biden isn’t able to attend, Clinton will host the dinner at the White House, according to a source familiar with the preparations.

On Wednesday, the First Lady’s office reported that Biden is still experiencing only minor symptoms.

If the ceremony on Tuesday goes ahead, it will be the first time that Clinton has attended a formal gathering at the Biden White House.

According to a person with knowledge of the encounter, Clinton and Vice President Kamala Harris had a secret meeting at the White House during President Joe Biden’s first year in office.

The two are believed to have communicated on the phone, but the source was unsure if Clinton and the president had also met in person, according to an individual familiar with the situation.

A luncheon recognizing former German Chancellor Angela Merkel was attended by Clinton and the Bidens, along with other dignitaries. Last year, Biden and former Democrat President Bill Clinton had lunch together at the White House.

Up until late Monday, President Biden is expected to be away from the country. If Hillary Clinton attends the arts event at the White House, it is uncertain if he will have any time with her.

It’s interesting that the Biden administration seems to be willing to connect itself to Hillary Clinton who may be the most disliked politician of the last twenty years in America.

She was directly responsible for the Benghazi scandal of the Barack Obama administration and she hasn’t been able to live that down ever since. Many believe that she never really had a chance against Donald Trump in 2016 despite what the polls had said leading up to that November.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are also not looking good right now. So you would think that he would try to keep someone like Hillary Clinton at arm’s length if he wants to try to rework his image in the eyes of the American people.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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