Hunter Biden just got slapped with a stunning court order

Hunter Biden

The Hunter Biden scandals continue to pile up. And his day of reckoning is closer than ever.

Because Hunter Biden just got slapped with a stunning court order that he never expected.

Hunter Biden is allegedly hiding out in the White House in order to escape receiving court papers.

However, a judge in Arkansas has ordered Hunter Biden to appear in person for the length of his ongoing paternity lawsuit concerning an unacknowledged 4-year-old daughter he had with a former stripper, breaking up the small family reunion between President Joe Biden and his son.

Hunter had to appear in person on Monday after Independence County Circuit Judge Holly Meyer grew impatient with the delays brought on the remote proceedings.

Hunter Biden must appear in person at all court appearances related to his Arkansas paternity lawsuit, including the one set for May 1, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Hunter’s brief love interest Lunden Roberts was also required to appear at hearings, under Judge Meyer’s orders.

Meyer reportedly stated, “From now on…I want both of your clients at every hearing I conduct,” according to the complaint.

“I will no longer allow us to excuse clients…because it is interfering with the progress of litigation, which is taking way too long to get over simple points.”

Hunter Biden’s laptop appears to be holding the First Kid back in this court case, which may not come as a surprise given that Hunter’s attorney isn’t very enthusiastic to divulge its contents or even its presence.

The president’s son’s attorney is still attempting to avoid acknowledging the existence of Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” and its gross contents, even after mainstream media finally came around to admitting they were not Russian disinformation but rather extensive proof of Hunter’s behaviors.

As a result, the judge made the decision to send Hunter to Arkansas so he could appear before her and respond to these concerns personally, but things might not turn out very well.

Recall that the first 2019 paternity action was settled in 2020, and that’s when the whole thing started again when Hunter wanted for a reduction in the agreed-upon child support payments on the grounds that he couldn’t afford them.

This is despite starting a “artist” career and owning a beach house in Malibu.

Hunter Biden must leave the safety of the White House on May 1 to appear in court beginning at 9:00 a.m. promptly as the case moves forward, as he has provoked the wrath of Judge Meyer in Arkansas.

The bench trial, which will decide if Hunter can get away with paying less for his unacknowledged child, is currently set for late July.

There’s also reports been swirling around that indicate that Hunter could be criminally prosecuted any day now for a number of federal violations, including tax crimes.

This is the last thing Joe Biden wants right as he’s launching his 2024 re-election bid as an extremely vulnerable incumbent.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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