Joe Biden caught red-handed lying to the American people

Joe Biden

The White House has a huge problem on their hands. They are in total panic mode.

Because Joe Biden’s been caught red-handed lying to the American people according to bombshell leak.

Earlier this year, news of the FBI and the DOJ circulating memos about how to target Christian conservative parents who show up to school board meetings to protest rocked trust in the “justice” agencies.

Immediately, millions of Americans felt like they were being targeted by the Joe Biden administration simply because of their Christian and conservative beliefs that would earn them a “domestic terrorist” label with the radicals in power at the White House.

The FBI tried to claim that this wasn’t a memo that was meant for the whole of the agency and that it was merely a mistake that the memo existed at all.

Obviously, they wanted to dismiss the existence of the memo and try to get the American people to forget that it existed.

The Biden White House also said they had nothing to do with this memo and were also surprised to learn of its existence.

But were they actually surprised? Not if the latest news is any indication.

According to an exclusive report from the Washington Examiner, the Biden White House has had emails that have leaked that indicate that the Biden admin asked about how to “address concerns” about the letter from the National School Boards Association that kicked the whole firestorm off.

Protect the Public’s Trust, a non-partisan nonprofit, filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get the emails, which include interactions between National Security Council Director for Counterterrorism Michael Massetti and DHS employees. The records are the most recent evidence of the efforts made by the Biden administration to reply to the NSBA letter sent in September 2021.

Massetti wrote in an email dated October 1, 2021 that he was “exploring options” to react to the NSBA’s letter and answer the organization’s concerns.

Massetti asked whether there was any ongoing DHS programs or outreach channels that might be used to help with the problem.

Emails between DHS officials have been heavily censored, but on October 4, 2021—the same day Attorney General Merrick Garland released his memo—Massetti renewed his request. While John Picarelli, director of the Center for Prevention, Programs, and Partnerships, provided Massetti with “three relevant responses” on October 6, Lucian Sikorskyj, serving deputy assistant secretary for counterterrorism and threat prevention, informed the NSC official to contact him directly for any future requests. The pertinent responses, however, have been completely obfuscated.

When it came out, the NSBA letter sparked a maelstrom of controversy because it equated parents who protest at school board meetings to terrorists and asked the Department of Justice to conduct an inquiry into threats towards school board members using federal anti-terrorism provisions.

Garland released a document creating a DOJ-FBI task force tasked with probing school board members, despite the fact that the NSBA later repudiated and apologized for the letter. Whistleblowers within the FBI later disclosed that many parents who addressed local school boards were probed for posing a threat to the schools.

A DHS representative told the Washington Examiner that their department only gave the National Security Council access to publicly available materials.

DHS staff responded to the NSC’s request for information about how to deal with threats of violence by directing them to materials already available to the public, the agency’s spokesperson said.

In a statement to the media, Protect the Public’s Trust director Michael Chamberlain said that the fresh disclosure of papers was more proof that the Biden administration had enlisted counterterrorism authorities to reply to the letter.

What this all boils down to is that when the news of all this came out earlier this year, the Biden administration was adamant to deny all of it. They swore up and down that they weren’t going to be targeting Christian conservative parents who protested local school board meetings.

But we’re finding out more every day just how much of a lie that was on the part of Joe Biden and his administration.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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