Joe Biden ERUPTED in anger when he found out about a planned mutiny against him

Joe Biden

Ever since the election, the Joe Biden White House has grown to be more emboldened than ever. But that’s proving to be a major mistake.

Because Joe Biden erupted in anger when he learned about this planned mutiny against him.

Recently, Joe Biden had ordered U.S. Air marshals to go to the southern border to help the border patrol units that are underfunded and understaffed.

Of course, the insecurity of the southern border is the fault of the Biden administration entirely. They simply refuse to lift a finger to prevent illegal aliens from pouring over the border and there’s almost no consequence to doing so.

The radical Left’s “there’s no such thing as illegal immigrants” rhetoric is proving dangerous and the Biden admin is playing right into it.

But Biden ordering air marshals to the southern border isn’t going to fix any underlying issues. It will only create more issues by understaffing the important need for plane security.

It’s simply embarrassing for the Biden admin to do this to U.S. air marshals, but apparently, the marshals aren’t having it whatsoever.

Reports indicate that there is a planned mutiny against Joe Biden’s order of sending U.S. air marshals to the southern border.

Several marshals are planning to simply refuse Joe Biden’s order outright.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Dozens of federal air marshals have agreed to refuse a Biden administration order that they leave their assignments and go to the southern border , where they will drive, feed, and care for illegal immigrants due to a shortage of Border Patrol agents.

The Washington Examiner also notes that this may be the first time federal employees will be disobeying a direct order from the President of the United States during Biden’s tenure.

It is the first time amid the 20-month-long unresolved border crisis that federal employees have formally turned against President Joe Biden and his Senate-confirmed officials at the Department of Homeland Security.

The President of the Air Marshal National Council, David Lando, told the Washington Examiner that there will be a mutiny, unlike anything we’ve seen.

“You’re almost going to have a mutiny of a federal agency, which is unheard of.” Lando noted.

He added that morale is completely down the tubes right now because of Joe Biden’s failures as the leader of the United States.

“Morale is so destroyed from this,” Lando added. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The Biden administration likely sees the writing on the wall as it pertains to the southern border crisis that’s been going on for the last two years on his watch.

Americans are fed up with seeing our nation’s sovereignty disrespect by not only illegal immigrants crossing the border, but also Joe Biden and the Democrats who have shown no urgency to fix the crisis.

That could be devastating in the next several major election cycles on the national stage for the Democrats.

Either they see the writing on the wall, or this is just a short-sighted move from the Biden admin to make it appear like they are doing something at all.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal for more updates on the southern border crisis.

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