Joe Biden fell to his knees in the Oval Office when he received this stunning warning

President Biden is at a crossroads. What happens next may decide his future.

And Joe Biden fell to his knees in the Oval Office when he received this critical warning.

The conflict in the Middle East has quickly turned into a nightmare for Democratic President Joe Biden and his administration, as they seemingly can’t get anything right.

The Left is upset with President Biden for giving his full support for Israel being allowed to defend themselves after the October 7th attack from radical Muslim terrorists on innocent Israelis. They also want him to push Israel to remove all presence from Gaza immediately.

Meanwhile, conservatives are fed up with Joe Biden as it becomes crystal clear he is way in over his head. He’s giving mixed signals to Israel and the rest of the world. He says he wants all conflict to end in the Middle East, and yet his administration seems to be ramping up war efforts in the region. There’s serious concern amongst GOP voters that Joe Biden is plunging the US into another years-long unwinnable war, at least by proxy.

Those concerns are well founded, especially as the latest news reports indicate that Hamas is completely unwilling to negotiate in good faith, as one could expect.

The unwillingness of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to remove soldiers from Gaza “means there is no chance for the return of the Israeli captives,” a Hamas official told Reuters on Sunday, citing Netanyahu’s policies.

Following Netanyahu’s rejection of a compromise that would secure Hamas’ continued control over Gaza, the group issued its most recent demand.

“I reject outright the terms of surrender of the monsters of Hamas,” Netanyahu said over the weekend. “If we accept this, we won’t be able to guarantee the safety of our citizens. We will not be able to bring evacuees home safely and the next October 7 will only be a matter of time.”

Israeli sources have reported that out of the 240 Israelis held captive by Hamas on October 7, around 60% are still in Gaza. Regarding the terrorist group’s October 7 massacre, Hamas stated in a 16-page report that it was “a necessary step and a normal response to confront all Israeli conspiracies against the Palestinian people.”

Hamas stated in the report that any incident involving innocent civilians was unintentional and occurred during the conflict with the Israeli troops. The group also acknowledged that the attack may have had “maybe some faults.”

Hamas demanded “the end of the war, the withdrawal of our forces from Gaza, the release of all the murderers and rapists” before they would free the hostages, according to a statement by Netanyahu.

Joe Biden has called for Palestinian statehood as a goal for the resolution of the Israeli-Hamas conflict. According to the White House, following their discussion about a Palestinian state, Biden is in favor of a “two state-solution with Israel’s security guaranteed,” while Netanyahu is demanding “full Israeli security control over all the territory west of Jordan” in order to avoid what he called a potential “threat” from a Palestinian state.

Six American captives are still being held in Gaza by Hamas. On the 100th anniversary of October 7, Biden vowed to “never stop working to bring Americans home” during his remarks. In an op-ed published on Monday in USA Today, Ruby Chen—the father of American captive Itay Chen, who is 19 years old—called on legislators to demand the release of the hostages.

“The United States is the richest and most powerful nation in the world, with immense financial, military and political leverage. How is it that other countries, such as Russia and Thailand, have secured the release of their citizens while only four Americans have been freed to date?” he penned. “Why has America not demanded the release of its citizens as the dominant facilitator in ongoing negotiations?”

“I urge the Biden administration and Prime Minister Netanyahu to reevaluate their current strategy to secure the hostages’ release,” Chen added. “I urge all of our members of Congress to use their bully pulpit to advocate for the hostages. The hostages are running out of time.”

The Biden administration has not shared with reporters about any updates to share on securing the release of innocent hostages in the hands of the radical Muslim terrorists in Hamas.

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