Joe Biden is being smacked with calls to resign after he said these two words

Joe Biden

Biden has been plagued with scandals and questions about his ability to serve. But he left no room for doubt.

And now Joe Biden is being smacked with calls to resign after he said these two words.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are facing a bloodbath in just a week’s time.

Nearly every poll is showing a massive red wave coming to wash Leftists out of office and put a nail in the coffin of their agenda.

With little time to spare, they’re throwing everything at the wall to see if it sticks.

But after Joe Biden just tried to help, Democrats are losing their minds.

At the Pennsylvania Democratic Party Reception, Biden attempted to drum up the spirits of Democrats by recalling the 2018 election.

But as always happens, Biden fumbled the ball at the finish line.

He claimed that Republicans would talk again about getting rid of the Affordable Care Act.

“And, of course, they’re going try for their 499th time, or whatever the number is — they’re still determined to eliminate the Affordable Care Act,” Biden said.

But then things went off the rails.

“And, by the way, if they do, that means — not a joke, everybody,” Biden said. “That’s why we defeated it in 2018 when they tried to do it. We went to 54 states.”

Read that again. Joe Biden just said Democrats went to 54 states – following in the footsteps of his predecessor Barack Obama when he said he had visited 57 states.

Conservatives on social media were quick to point out Joe Biden’s blunder.

“Biden says there are 54 states in America,” comedian and actor Rob Schneider tweeted. “Next speech he will explain the 81 million votes…”

“This Pelosi mad lib keeps getting weirder and weirder but any way you slice it, crime is bad under Joe Biden in all 54 states,” Fox News Radio Host Jimmy Failla tweeted.

Writer Kelsey Bolar even asked how much is too much for the American people to endure with having a president so clearly incapable of serving effectively, asking, “How much more of this are we supposed to tolerate?”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) responded: “Joe Biden now says there are 54 states. I guess if you count the states of denial, confusion, delusion, and disaster that his Regime has caused he just might be on to something.”

There is no doubt that Biden’s continued inability to formulate a cogent thought and coherent sentence could spell doom for the Democrats this November.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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