Joe Biden is horrified after investigators cornered him in the White House

The Biden family is coming apart at the seams. This could be the death blow.

And Joe Biden is horrified after investigators cornered him in the White House.

If Republicans can prove it, the Bidens will go down as the most corrupt family in American history.

The special counsel overseeing the criminal investigation into President Joe Biden’s handling of confidential material, interviewed him at the start of the week.

Special Counsel Robert Hur, a Trump-era U.S. attorney appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland, is leading the probe.

“The President has been interviewed as part of the investigation being led by Special Counsel Robert Hur,” said White House Counsel’s Office spokesperson Ian Sams.

“The voluntary interview was conducted at the White House over two days, Sunday and Monday, and concluded Monday.”

“As we have said from the beginning, the President and the White House are cooperating with this investigation, and as it has been appropriate, we have provided relevant updates publicly, being as transparent as we can consistent with protecting and preserving the integrity of the investigation,” the White House claimed.

“We would refer other questions to the Justice Department at this time.”

The announcement comes after federal authorities reportedly examined around 100 witnesses in their criminal investigation into Biden’s handling of secret material while he was Vice President in the Obama administration and a U.S. Senator from Delaware.

According to ABC News, the interviews have primarily focused on former Biden aides and military aides, as well as the protocols employed when processing the material.

The probe “apparently uncovered instances of carelessness from Biden’s vice presidency,” according to the article, mirroring the wording used by the FBI in its decision not to charge Hillary Clinton over her handling of classified information during the 2016 presidential election.

According to the study, the witnesses questioned appear to have indicated that “the improper removal of classified documents from Biden’s office when he left the White House in 2017 was more likely a mistake than a criminal act.”

However, the report stated that the special counsel has not reached a decision on whether Biden would be charged and that the inquiry is not complete.

One of those apparently examined by investigators was Secretary of State Antony Blinken, a Biden associate.

According to the report:

Investigators have shown witnesses email chains dating back to at least 2010 and asked for context about those exchanges, sources said. Witnesses have also been pressed about the use of cabinets and safes, sources said … Sources said investigators are asking witnesses, especially former military aides, granular questions about internal procedures for handling classified materials, apparently seeking to understand the minutiae of how the vice president obtained, consumed, and discarded classified briefing materials.

It has previously been revealed that some of the documents found by authorities during a search of Biden’s residence were from his time as a member of the United States Senate.

Meaning, he had no right to take it, since only presidents can declassify information.

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