Joe Biden just embarrassed himself on the world stage like never before

Joe Biden

It’s becoming clearer by the day that Joe Biden is slowing down in his old age. And it sure doesn’t look like it’s getting any better.

That’s because Joe Biden just embarrassed himself on the world stage like never before.

With the midterms over, Joe Biden has turned his attention to other matters including foreign policy.

One of the major points of his administration has been sending billions of American military equipment to Ukraine since Russia invaded the nation.

Russia has proven to be a paper tiger whose bark is far bigger than its bite.

Not only has Putin’s military been routed in major counter-offensives in the eastern part of the country, but the Russian military announced a retreat from the major city of Kherson.

Kherson has been the only regional capital Russia was able to control since the start of the war in February.

To announce this development, Joe Biden announced a press conference. But things immediately went off the rails.

Rather than announcing the retreat in Kherson, Joe Biden announced the Russians were pulling out of Fallujah.

“I think the context is that whether or not they’re pulling back from Fallujah — from the city of Kherson — and [Russian forces] are coming back across the river to the eastern side of the [Dnieper] river,” Biden said while answering a reporter’s question about whether Ukraine is ready to enter negotiations with Russia.

If you remember, Fallujah was the setting of the bloodiest urban battle American forces had fought since the Vietnam war.

But that was almost twenty years ago in 2004 during the invasion of Iraq – nowhere near Ukraine.

The president did not explain why he misspoke on Wednesday, but he did remark he “found it interesting” that Russia decided to announce its pullout from the region after the US midterm elections on Tuesday.

“We knew for some time that they were going to be going as evidence of the fact that they have some real problems in the Russian military,” Biden said.

“It remains to be seen whether or not there’ll be a judgment made as to whether or not Ukraine is prepared to compromise with Russia.”

The president predicted that after the retreat, Russian and Ukrainian officials will “lick their wounds” before deciding “what they’re going to do over the winter and whether or not they’re going to compromise.”

Earlier this month, Biden was criticized for misspelling “dot” in a website URL he read from a teleprompter.

During a trip to the Middle East in July, he upset Israelis by speaking of the Holocaust’s “honor” rather than its “horror,” and he praised the “selfishness” of American troops serving in Saudi Arabia.

Biden’s gaffes continue to be a source of embarrassment for Democrats and have heightened calls for him to step aside in 2024.

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