Joe Biden just got caught in a massive lie

Joe Biden

Democrats have made their living on lying to American public, playing on their fears, and making them more dependent on the government.

For them, it’s all about control. And there’s nothing more they hate than when they get caught in the act like Joe Biden just did.

Joe Biden’s Presidency has been marked by gaffes, missteps, and untold suffering to families across the nation.

His constant failures and inability to string a coherent sentence together are proof that he is unable to lead this country.

But that hasn’t stopped him and his radical Leftist cheerleaders in Congress from wreaking even more havoc on everyday Americans.

Recently, Democrats in the Senate and House passed a massive $790 billion spending bill to “reduce inflation.”

Putting aside the laughable claim that we can reduce inflation by spending close to a trillion dollars, this bill signed into law by President Biden would increase funding of the IRS by $80 billion.

They plan on nearly doubling the number of IRS agents tasked with squeezing you and me for every dollar they can get out of us.

Biden has claimed that “no one earning less than $400,000 a year will pay a penny more in federal taxes.”

But that’s a bald-faced lie.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that new IRS audits will take at least $20 billion more from working and middle class Americans earning less than $400,000 a year.

And as Breitbart reports:

The likelihood of working and middle class Americans being targeted by the IRS as a result of the Inflation Reduction Act is so high that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is begging the agency to avoid going after those earning less than $400,000 a year.

White House Council of Economic Advisers member Jared Bernstein has said the administration cannot guarantee that no Americans earning under $400,000 a year will be audited by the IRS with the new funds.

Of course, hearing lies and half-truths from the mouths of Democrats is nothing new for anyone who has been paying attention in recent decades.

And with Leftists raising taxes on Americans as inflation eats away at their savings, you can bet they’ll feel the backlash this November.

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