Joe Biden just got slapped with this massive lawsuit

Joe Biden

President Biden has been playing fast-and-loose with the law for decades. But it looks like of it is coming back to bite him.

And that’s why Joe Biden just got slapped with this massive lawsuit.

Joe Biden and the Democrats don’t care about law and order. Their only goal is to shape America into their socialist utopia.

Luckily for them, the federal government is staffed by their political pals who will do anything they ask. But sometimes the Left gets a little too comfortable and goes too far.

That’s what just happened when Joe Biden decided to cancel student debt.

In a sweeping move, Joe Biden decided to cancel up to 10,000 dollars of student debt for millions of borrowers, shifting the burden of making up that money to the taxpayers.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School estimates this will cost almost 300 billion dollars just this year, while the Congressional Budget Office is saying it could cost over $400 billion.

With record inflation eating away at the earnings of the average American, Joe Biden has decided to subsidize gender studies majors over the hard-working taxpayers of this country.

Not only that, but with new expectations that the American people will foot the bill, colleges are more likely to raise tuition costs and students are more likely to increase risky borrowing.

This didn’t sit well with the Pacific Legal Foundation which filed suit on Tuesday against the Biden administration’s illegal scheme.

The group argued that Joe Biden’s use of the HEROES Act, a law passed in 2003 to aid Iraq War veterans and their families, happened with “breathtaking informality and opacity.”

The organization went on to accuse the Biden administration of legislating by fiat and skirting the Department of Education’s necessary “notice-and-comment process required for rulemaking.”

“Congress did not authorize the executive branch to unilaterally cancel student debt,” Pacific Legal Foundation attorney Caleb Kruckenberg declared. “It’s flagrantly illegal for the executive branch to create a $500 billion program by press release, and without statutory authority or even the basic notice and comment procedure for new regulations.”

They pointed out the unfairness of penalizing those who have already paid back their loans through prudent money management and rewarding those who got worthless degrees.

“Cancelling student debt is unjust to those who have paid their loans or never took any. It will only lead to more calls for government intervention in education at taxpayers’ expense,” Pacific Legal Foundation senior attorney Steve Simpson added.

And of course, at the root of this, all this is Joe Biden’s scheme to hold on to his razor-thin majorities in Congress this November. He’s trying to buy people off.

That’s why he’s draining millions of barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, that’s why he’s saying the pandemic is over, and that’s why he’s absolving people of the billions of dollars they owe the government in student debt.

But even with all of these illegal tricks, it’s looking like Democrats are facing a bloodbath in the midterms.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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