Joe Biden just proved the lights are on but nobody’s home with this unhinged public statement

Many people have questioned whether Joe Biden is fit for office. But all doubt has been removed.

Because Joe Biden just proved the lights are on but nobody’s home with this unhinged public statement.

The Democrats are struggling to drum up support for Joe Biden running for a second term.

And vultures like California Governor Gavin Newsom are already vying to replace the aging president.

But the White House has made clear that Joe Biden intends to run for the Democrat nomination in 2024 – but his campaign may be dead on arrival after his latest blunder.

President Joe Biden told a narrative Friday about discussions he had with his father and uncle when he was elected vice president, despite the fact that both were deceased at the time he said he had the chats.

During a town hall engagement for veterans in Delaware, the president spoke about his family history.

Biden said:

You know, I — my dad, when I got elected vice president, he said, ‘Joey, Uncle Frank fought in the Battle of the Bulge.’ He was not feeling very well now — not because of the Battle of the Bulge. But he said, ‘And he won the Purple Heart. And he never received it. He never — he never got it. Do you believe you could help him acquire it? We’ll surprise him.’

However, the dates do not overlap.

Biden was elected vice president in 2008.

According to his obituary, President Biden’s uncle, Frank Biden, died in 1999.

Joe Biden Sr., Joe Biden’s father, died in 2002.

The president continued his story without amending the dates.

“So we got him the Purple Heart. He had won it in the Battle of the Bulge,” Biden said referring to him and his dad. “And I remember he came over to the house, and I came out, and he said, ‘Present it to him, okay?’ We had the family there.”

Biden said that his uncle was not pleased with the gesture.

I said, ‘Uncle Frank, you won this. And I want to…’ He said, ‘I don’t want the damn thing.’ No, I’m serious. He said, ‘I don’t want it.’ I said, ‘What’s the matter, Uncle Frank? You earned it.’ He said, ‘Yeah, but the others died. The others died. I lived. I don’t want it.’

It’s unclear how much of Biden’s story is true.

If Biden did receive a Purple Heart medal for his uncle, he would have done so as a senator, when both his father and uncle were still alive.

But the details regarding Biden’s uncle who had “won” a Purple Heart, but never acquired the medal remains a mystery.

The New York Post investigated and found no record of Frank Biden getting awarded the Purple Heart and no mention of the medal was made in his obituary.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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