Joe Biden just stabbed the Fake News Media in the back with his most recent move

Joe Biden

Usually, mainstream media outlets and Democrat politicians play cover for each other. But Biden just flipped the script on them.

And Joe Biden just stabbed the Fake News Media in the back with his most recent move.

Joe Biden and his Democrat compatriots have an image problem.

On one hand, Democrats like Joe Biden and John Fetterman can’t get through a speech without scrambling a sentence and losing their train of thought.

People have been constantly questioning whether these men are physically fit for office.

And on the other hand, Democrats are peddling issues like critical race theory, trans ideology, and abortion until birth (and sometimes afterward) instead of focusing on the issues destroying Americans’ wallets like inflation.

Some in the media have questioned Joe Biden’s leadership, as his presidency continues to go off the rails.

And the Biden administration has had enough of it.

In an article published by NBC, White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield complained that the media isn’t treating Biden how he wants to be treated.

“There has been a fundamental disbelief, particularly among the D.C., east coast press corps, in Biden’s vision, in his strategy, in his tactics, in his ability to do the things that he said he would do.” she said.

Bedingfield, who was integral in orchestrating the false narrative that Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” was foreign “disinformation,” complained of “reams and reams of headlines and tweets” from reporters criticizing Biden.

These comments come after Biden has sparred with reporters over the past two years of his presidency.

In one instance, Biden told a reporter to “talk about something that matters” when he didn’t like the question posed to him.

In another, he questioned the politics of the journalist when they asked him about forecasts of a recession.

And when asked about tension between Russia and Ukraine before the former’s invasion of the latter, he exclaimed “what a stupid question.”

The Biden administration has shown the media that this game is tit-for-tat.

If they won’t give him undying praise and softball questions, then he will demean them to their faces and slander them to the public.

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