Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag on the Democrats’ plan to gut the Constitution

Joe Biden

When it comes to guns, Joe Biden has been uncharacteristically quiet. But now we know he wants to go further than ever before.

And Joe Biden let the cat out of the bag on the Democrats’ plan to gut the Constitution.

Democrats have been peddling the lie that “no one is coming to take your guns” for decades now.

Over the past few years, conservatives have seen just how big of a lie that truly was.

One just has to look at Beto O’Rourke’s infamously saying “hell yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15” on the Democrat debate stage to see how they gaslit Americans for so long.

But now Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their sinister intention to take away firearms from law-abiding American citizens.

And Joe Biden made it clear that not only does he think so-called “assault weapons” should be banned, but every single semi-automatic firearm in the country.

On Thanksgiving, President Joe Biden expressed his disdain for semi-automatic rifles, promising to outlaw them in the United States.

“The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick. Just sick,” he said. “It has no, no social redeeming value. Zero.”

During his Thanksgiving holiday, the president spoke to media at a fire station on Nantucket Island. He brought desserts to the firefighters’ Thanksgiving dinner.

When asked about the recent shooting at a Wal-Mart, where a manager allegedly opened fire on employees with a revolver, killing six, he also discussed gun control.

“Not a single solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers,” Biden continued, after condemning the idea of Americans purchasing semi-automatic firearms.

The president said he would continue pushing for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” despite Democrats losing their majority in the House of Representatives.

“I’m going to do it whenever – I’ve got to make that assessment as I get in and start counting votes,” he said.

Despite his inability to do so, Biden has frequently pledged to outlaw so-called “assault weapons.”

“Who in God’s name to have — needs to have a — the ability to fire anywhere from 30 to 200 rounds and five times the speed that come out of a regular — a regular rifle or bu- — or pistol?” he ranted during a campaign rally in Pennsylvania in October.

Of course, conservatives have long lampooned Democrats for their inability to even describe the guns they want to ban, with many not knowing the difference between a clip and a magazine.

Biden’s rhetoric goes far beyond anything we’ve seen.

If his ideas were put into law, every American who owns a semi-automatic pistol – even one with just a six or seven round magazine – would be made into a criminal overnight.

But this was the Democrat plan from the beginning.

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