Joe Biden used a secret identity to do the unthinkable with his son Hunter

Joe Biden has been around in politics for decades. But we’re just learning about who he really is.

Because Joe Biden used a secret identity to do this unspeakable act with his son Hunter.

There’s been many questions surrounding the Biden family ever since Hunter Biden’s corrupt business dealings have been on the forefront of the news.

The most important question is to what extent his father Joe Biden was involved in all the madness that his son Hunter was involved in. According to reports, Joe Biden may have been able to keep his involvement a secret by using secret identities all along.

A House committee headed by Republicans investigating Joe Biden’s impeachment found on Tuesday that Biden often corresponded with Hunter Biden’s business partner using many email identities in recent years, including when he was vice president.

In preparation for Tuesday’s private hearing with the House Ways and Means Committee, IRS whistleblowers Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley supplied the long 11 page email log. While the document does not contain the actual contents of the emails sent and received by Joe Biden under his aliases from 2010 to 2019, it does contain information related to those communications.

Joe Biden and Eric Schwerin, who was a partner in Hunter Biden’s now-defunct investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners, exchanged more than three hundred emails between them. Among those emails, 54 were addressed only to Schwerin, while the remaining ones contained additional recipients. During Joe Biden’s tenure as vice president, almost all of the emails were recorded in the document. A number of email identities were used by Joe Biden, including “robinware456,” “JRBware,” and “RobertLPeters.”

“Through months of testifying for hours and producing hundreds of pages of documentation, and just as many months of baseless attacks against them, their story has remained the same and their credibility intact. The same cannot be said for President Biden,” House Republican Jason Smith (MO) shared in a press release.

“So far, our witnesses have produced over eleven-hundred pages of evidence, sat for 14 hours of closed-door testimony with counsel from the majority and minority on this committee, testified publicly before the Oversight Committee, and today, have provided us with new evidence.”

According to Smith, Joe Biden and Schwerin exchanged several emails leading up to the vice president’s visit to Ukraine in June 2014. They had only shared five emails before the trip; thereafter, they exchanged twenty-seven.

“Vice President Biden appears to have treated Air Force 2 like a corporate jet, traveling to Ukraine and Mexico, to advance Hunter Biden’s business interests. Evidence from today’s documents show right around the time of international trips like those to Ukraine, Joe Biden was emailing his son and his son’s business partner from private email accounts using aliases while Vice President.”

An anonymous FBI whistleblower claims that Biden supported the removal of Ukrainian prosecutor general Victor Shokin in order to benefit his son’s business endeavors. This is due to the fact that when Shokin was dismissed, he was looking into the founder and CEO of Burisma, a utility firm in Ukraine that was paying Hunter a hefty sum to be a board member.

At the 2018 Council on Foreign Relations conference, Biden boasted of getting Shokin dismissed by threatening U.S. funding.

“I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a b*tch. He got fired,” Biden said.

Biden maintains that Shokin was only fired due to his corruption.

The most recent findings follow earlier this year’s disclosure by the House Ways and Means Committee that Biden’s office shared nearly twenty thousand emails with Rosemont Seneca while he was vice president. This has cast doubt on Biden’s claims that he has never been involved in his son’s business transactions.

Before Hunter Biden started the now-defunct financial advising business Rosemont Seneca Advisors, Schwerin was its managing director. According to financial disclosure forms, Schwerin was also an employee of Hunter’s lobbying firm Oldaker, Biden & Belair from 2002 until 2008. Fox News stated that during Biden’s tenure as vice president, he made a minimum of 36 visits to the White House and the Naval Observatory.

According to the New York Post and emails discovered on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, Schwerin had extensive involvement with the Biden family’s finances and frequently transferred funds for the Biden family.

This is all the more evidence of corruption on the part of the President himself and it not being limited to Hunter alone.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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