Joe Biden was just stabbed in the back from the last place he ever expected

Katy Tur

The Biden admin has been such an unmitigated disaster, even his “allies” can see the writing on the wall. They’re all jumping ship before they sink with him.

And now Joe Biden’s been stabbed in the back from the last place he ever expected it.

The Fake News Media has been covering for high profile Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden for years now.

Any misstep from a major Democrat like Joe Biden is brushed under the rug, especially if it’s truly damaging.

Just consider how the Fake News Media played into the Biden White House’s redefining of a recession so that they could falsely claim that the Biden economy isn’t in a recession at all.

It’s Big Media propaganda 101.

But this midterm cycle was a little bit different.

Democrats knew they had to distance themselves from Joe Biden to stand any chance of winning their races.

In fact, the media is already preparing to further distance Democrats from the Joe Biden administration ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

Evidence of this comes straight from MSNBC, where a guest on the network claimed that Fetterman could be a Democrat nominee for President in the near future.

Katy Tur argued Fetterman could be seen “as a nominee at some point for president,” saying that he polled better than Biden.

“I spent a lot of time covering this race, and with Pennsylvania politics, going back some decades, and I started my career there, but the fact that John Fetterman did, first of all, so much better with White non-college-educated voters. Better than Biden, better than Trump, so he ran ahead of both of them, but he also, you know, did fairly well in the cities and in the [unintelligible] counties,” Tur said.

“I know there’s some variables, obviously, but I just, you know, what he did in the super-red, deep-red parts of Pennsylvania and the way that he ran ahead of Biden, ran ahead of Trump, and it makes you wonder about his future,” she added.

Obviously there’s some big problems with that.

Firstly, Fetterman barely beat a truly poor candidate in Dr. Oz in a fairly blue region that he was initially expected to win by nine points or more.

Then of course there’s the problem of his stroke that continues to be an issue for his mental faculties.

So Fetterman being a future Democrat candidate for President probably isn’t a card that’s on the table for him.

Though, it does show just how tired everyone is of Joe Biden right now, including his own party.

The media and the Democrats are already planting the seeds for someone else running in 2024 other than Joe Biden.

They are probably considering themselves lucky to not have lost everything in the 2022 midterms given how poorly Biden is viewed in the eyes of the American public.

That’s their alarm signal to get Biden out of the White House.

But the conservative mega-star Ron DeSantis may be on his way to the White House in 2024 regardless.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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