Joe Biden went blue in the face when smacked with this horrible accusation


The Biden administration is on its last legs. The last thing they needed was another scandal.

And Joe Biden went blue in the face when smacked with this horrible accusation.

The Left loves to play identity politics. To them you’re not valuable if you don’t check off certain boxes.

If you’re a woman, part of the LGBT community, or a racial minority, you are automatically given pride of place regardless of your qualifications.

When Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was strong armed into resigning, Biden made clear his pick “will be the first Black woman ever nominated to the United States Supreme Court.”

Instead of finding out whether his nominee was qualified for the one of the most powerful and prestigious jobs in the country, Biden made clear he doesn’t care.

This isn’t something they’re hiding. They’re openly bragging about how their administration lacks straight, white men.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre boasted on Thursday that their administration was a tremendous success because there aren’t many heterosexual, white men in the executive branch.

“The Cabinet is majority people of color for the first time in history. The Cabinet is majority female for the first time in history. A majority of White House senior staff identify as female. Forty percent of White House senior staff identify as part of the racially diverse communities. And a record seven assistants to the president are openly LGBTQ+,” she explained. “So again, this is something that the president prides himself on.”

The Fake News Media will very certainly tell you that her remarks were not a celebration of racism, sexism, or gender discrimination, but rather an acceptance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. When you think about it, that means it’s a celebration of anti-white ideology, among other prejudiced concepts.

People should judge this administration’s accomplishments based on a political appointee’s skin color and sexuality. This Trump House seems unconcerned with merit. In the words of the Hodge Twins responding to Jean-Pierre, “How many people are actually good at their job? Zero. None of this s*** matters.”

The Hodge Twins are correct — just look at Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s ability to oversee his department as the toxic train derailment in Ohio only gets worse.

Of course, no respectable individual is concerned with another person’s color, gender, or creed. On a personal level, conservatives value the content of someone’s character above all else. Competence and the ability to excel at one’s obligations on behalf of the American people, in addition to character, are important considerations for selecting public employees.

However, the president, an 80-year-old white man, wants to use race-based Marxism to redistribute wealth throughout the federal government. He recently signed an executive order requiring the whole administration to redouble its equity efforts and establish “agency equity teams” across the government.

Thus, despite unprecedented inflation, high gas costs, the border crisis, transportation issues, probably the worst press secretary in history, record fentanyl deaths, and World War III looming, the Biden administration takes delight in meeting self-imposed racial and sexuality criteria.

The bad news is that things may become worse.

“White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre says the next Fed Chair will be hired based on how diverse they are, not strictly on their experience with monetary policy,” Townhall editor Katie Pavlich tweeted. “So, good luck with that America.”

Billionaire Elon Musk responded, “Maximum skill with monetary policy is extremely important in this role! A bad Fed decision affects the lives of everyone.”

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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