Joe Biden’s Air Force collapses and forced to make a historically bad decision

Being commander-in-chief is too much for President Biden. He is way in over his head.

Because Joe Biden’s Air Force has collapsed and is forced to make a historically bad decision.

In a policy shift announced on Wednesday, the Air Force will be re-activating upwards of 1,000 previously retired airmen to fill important roles, alleviating the service’s recruitment crisis.

The Air Force announced that former officers and high-ranking enlisted individuals who served in highly skilled jobs are now eligible to reapply for the Voluntary Retired Return to Active Duty Program, which was revived by Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall. The Air Force is facing “critical manning shortages,” and this action is part of “an effort to leverage the talents” of service retirees, according to the statement.

Lt. Gen. Caroline Miller, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower, Personnel and Services, stated that the program taps “into a valuable resource of retired members to fill critical roles to close the gap against our peer competitors.” She considered it an effective tool to embrace experienced talent, even if they are previously retired.

The Air Force is reportedly reaching out to retired officers with levels ranging from lieutenant colonel to captain in order to replace pilot positions, teach at Officer Training School or Squadron Officer School, and assist in other areas where the branch is short-handed. Applications are also being accepted from former enlisted troops from the grades of staff sergeant to senior master sergeant.

There has been no letup in the recruiting problems that surfaced throughout the 2023 fiscal year. Retention, which impacts the number of troops promoted, may also be an issue, according to recent policy revisions.

According to, the Air Force changed its “up-or-out” policy in December, which meant that some service members would be immediately kicked out if they didn’t get promoted within a set amount of time. There is a two-year promotion and separation policy for enlisted airmen.

The branch paid out huge bonuses — up to $50,000 — earlier that year to keep competent pilots on staff.

The Air Force has announced that from February 8, 2024, to January 31, 2026, a window of opportunity for up to 1,000 retired officers or enlisted individuals to reenlist will be available. After reapplying, those who want to rejoin can anticipate being activated again within six months.

The statement explained that airmen are limited to serving no more than two years in any unfilled job while on active service.

The Air Force was unable to fulfill its recruitment goals for officers and enlisted members in the active duty, reserve, and national guard branches for fiscal year 2023.

According to estimates made on September 18, Air Force spokesman MSgt. Deana Heitzman informed the Daily Caller News Foundation that during the fiscal year ending on September 30, the service only managed to recruit 89% of its target number of active-duty officers and enlisted men. Total active-duty personnel fell short by around 11% of projections, with the Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard falling more than 30% shy of their targets.

This move is unprecedented and demonstrates just how unprepared the U.S. military is right now to handle any major conflict should one arise.

With the crisis in the Middle East worsening, the Ukraine-Russia war raging on, and Iran continuing to grow emboldened, the possibility of an international conflict seems more likely than at any point in the last twenty or so years.

To make matters worse, a report from the Heritage Foundation graded the military under Biden’s “leadership” and concluded that the U.S. military is in worse shape than at any point under the Trump tenure or the Obama tenure.

The report concluded that the military can be described as “weak” on so many fronts and unable to defend America’s interests at this time.

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