Joe Biden’s been accused of high crimes that will utterly stun you

Joe Biden

Hunter Biden’s crimes have been a thorn in the side of the Biden family for years. But now the spotlight is on President Joe Biden himself.

Because Joe’s been accused of high crimes that will leave your jaw on the floor.

With no end in sight, Hunter Biden’s issues continue to mount.

But the Biden family is currently dealing with another significant issue, according to a shocking claim from The Daily Mail.

New charges that President Joe Biden was intimately involved in Hunter’s shady international business dealings were presented to Senate Republicans by an unnamed former business.

Out of concern about retaliation for disclosing the secrets of the Biden crime family, the whistleblower has chosen to stay nameless for the time being.

The whistleblower claims that on a conference call in 2012, Hunter Biden, then-Vice President Joe Biden, Hunter’s business partner Jeff Cooper, the late Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), and Reid’s son Key all took part.

Hunter Biden, Key Reid, and Jeff Cooper were launching a new Latin American gaming website, which was the topic of discussion during the conference call.

According to the informant, during the discussion, Joe Biden disclosed specifics of the business enterprise and gave the impression of being a “silent participant.”

He spoke about it; he wasn’t passive. He was like a member of the board of directors if I had to describe him,” the whistleblower stated.

Joe Biden has categorically denied ever speaking with Hunter about business matters.

Joe allegedly inquired about obtaining a gaming license from the Peruvian government, revenue estimates for the gambling endeavor, and the launch date for the website during the call.

“One of the things [Joe] centered on a lot was when the company would become profitable,” the whistleblower said.

“Joe, in particular, was centered on the returns that would be expected in the family coffers.”

“With the direct observations I had, it’s obvious Joe was participating in the business,” the whistleblower added.

Jeff Cooper might have obtained the gambling license from the Peruvian government by using his political contacts.

“Jeff Cooper was talking about the fact that his team had made contact at the highest levels of the Peruvian government and they believed they had secured the rights that they needed for a gambling license in Peru,” the whistleblower explained.

The whistleblower’s affiliation with Jeff Cooper’s business endeavors, including at the time the claimed 2012 call occurred, was independently confirmed by The Daily Mail.

To demonstrate his relationship with Hunter and Jeff Cooper’s business, the whistleblower produced documents, emails, and pictures.

The President’s son and Cooper and Key Reid discussed launching the gambling site over all of Latin America, according to emails from Hunter’s infamous “laptop from hell.”

The Biden crime family will face yet another serious issue as a result of the whistleblower’s allegations against Hunter.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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