Joe Biden’s brother just got the family in HUGE trouble

Joe Biden

The Biden family’s Washington, D.C. corruption has run deep for decades. Now they’re not even hiding it.

Because Joe Biden’s brother just got the family in HUGE trouble with this one uncovered video.

Once again, from an unexpected source, the Biden crime family is at it.

Even in the crooked world of politics, Joe Biden and his family are as corrupt as they come.

The delinquent, crack-smoking son of Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, who seems to get involved in a new scandal every week, is a prime example of this.

Frank Biden, Joe’s brother, is one member of the Biden family that does not receive much attention.

Frank Biden has done a good job of avoiding the public limelight over the years, up until this point.

It is clear from a recently discovered video footage that Frank Biden was bragging about having access to his influential brother.

Frank Biden delivered the keynote lecture at a BioSig Technologies conference in October in Venice, Italy, on the topic of “the future of global health care.”

For the record, Frank’s trip to Venice appears to have been funded by BioSig Technologies, a sizable health technology firm.

“The bully pulpit that I have as a result of the privilege of being associated with my brother Joey,” Frank Biden stated during the conference.

He later added “I will do everything in my power to support you to get the job done, to get federal dollars to your research.”

These comments epitomize corruption and demonstrate how Frank Biden essentially sells his brother’s access to the White House to major corporations and other special interests.

Frank Biden may not have received a direct payment for this speaking engagement, but even the all-inclusive vacation to Venice is undoubtedly a pleasant perk.

This speech needs to be investigated right away, as well as any other instances of corruption that House Republicans find.

Politics in America should not tolerate such blatant corruption, especially when the President of the United States is directly engaged.

In the upcoming months, House Republicans will have their hands full.

The good news is that House Judiciary and Oversight Committee crucial posts have been filled by some extremely strong conservatives thanks to the appointment of new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

However, it might be challenging for House Republicans to look into every one of the numerous scandals and crimes Joe Biden and his allies have committed in a timely manner.

The most egregious of Biden’s misdeeds will be the focus of Republicans in the House, and Joe Biden using his family to effectively sell access to the White House is without a doubt heinous and calls for an immediate investigation.

Republicans need to finally put a stop to the Biden Crime Family; the time has long since passed.

No family in America should assume they will receive preferential treatment simply because they are influential.

The law must be upheld and enforced.

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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