Joe Biden’s decision to declare war leaves Congress completely stunned

Americans have been war fatigued for years now. But the Biden administration doesn’t care.

Because President Biden’s decision to declare war has left Congress completely stunned.

It’s no secret that the world is closer to a third world war today than we were two to three years ago.

Russia’s invasion campaign against Ukraine has been raging on for months on end with no end in sight, despite Democrats in the White House saying that Ukraine is close to pushing Russia back and forcing them to surrender.

Then Israel was attacked by Hamas on October 7, which has launched a huge war in the Middle East with so many different countries involved.

However, because the majority of Americans support Israel being able to defend themselves just as the United States would if a foreign enemy attacked on U.S. soil, the Biden administration seems to be taking advantage to start another proxy war effort in the Middle East to run alongside the one in Ukraine.

According to reports, the United States military has launched yet another series of attacks on Iranian military strongholds in Syria after Iran’s latest attacks on American troops.

The National Review reports:

The U.S. Air Force carried out strikes against military targets in Syria on Sunday night as Iranian-backed military proxies continued to attack American forces in the region…

The announcement comes as American forces in Iraq and Syria have been attacked nearly 50 times since mid October, leading to dozens of wounded service personnel and at least one death. There are over 3,000 American soldiers stationed across the Middle East, mostly in Iraq and Syria, whose continued presence in the region is meant to assist local forces in combatting remnants of the Islamic State.

Certainly, defending American troops in the area is commendable and good. The commander-in-chief, Joe Biden, has a duty to protect any and all military personnel. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a fresh private or a general.

The concern, however, is that America is launching another proxy war that may turn into the United States getting more involved in the Middle East after the U.S. only just recently ended it’s Afghanistan war efforts.

After 9/11 back in 2001, many Americans supported the U.S. military defending American interests by taking out those responsible for the horrific attacks from that tragic day.

However, looking back, many today believe that the support to retaliate after 9/11 was abused for political gain like securing advantages in the struggle for oil that comes from the region. Or just consider how Hillary Clinton tried to keep the lid on the Benghazi scandal because she was trying to keep her work in Libya under wraps in the name of the promotion of “democracy” in the region.

Some congressmembers are speaking up about this and criticizing Joe Biden for not putting the interests of the American people first as his administration focuses on yet another war effort.

Again, defending the Americans in the region is important. But what shouldn’t be lost in that is that Congress has had its Constitutional right to declare war made pointless.

What point is there to Congress being able to declare war if the White House can pretty much launch any war effort themselves without notifying any other branch in the government, specifically the one that’s supposed to vote on declaring war?

The White House can just spend however much they want on any unilaterally decided military campaign, as we’re watching play out.

If this devolves into yet another war that the U.S. gets involved in, in the region of the Middle East, we will know why.

The why will be that we didn’t learn from recent history of the abuse of the military at the hands of high-profile politicians in power in the White House.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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