Joe Biden’s nervous breakdown problem just got even worse

Americans are worried sick about Biden’s ability to lead the nation. His White House administration is falling apart.

And now Joe Biden’s nervous breakdown problem just got even worse.

For the past two years, news outlets have reported on how Joe Biden has seemingly lost his mind every once in a while as the President of the United States.

Americans have learned how Joe Biden has been in fits of rage with profanity-laced rants when he doesn’t quite get his way.

It’s a far different reality than the one we were sold by Joe Biden and the Democrats when he ran in 2020 against Donald Trump.

They sold Biden as a “kind” and “compassionate” moderate who was mild-mannered and someone voters could trust to bring level-headedness to the White House.

But that was a lie.

Joe Biden isn’t mild-mannered as he’s quite literally told a reporter that he’s a “stupid son of a b****” for asking him a question he didn’t like or understand.

But apparently he’s not the only one in the White House suffering severe mental breakdowns.

Joe Biden is also hiring people with mental issues as well.

Kim Cobb was recently added to Joe Biden’s Intelligence Advisory Board, and according to reports circulating outlets right now, she suffered a major nervous breakdown when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

She said she suffered a “mental health crisis” when she found out that Trump won the 2016 election and said that she wouldn’t get out of bed for weeks, even though she had kids to nurture.

According to an article from the outlet Mother Jones:

Most mornings, she could not get out of bed, despite having four children to tend to. She would sob spontaneously. She obsessed about the notion that the US government would take no action to address climate change and confront its consequences.

That’s a bad case of Trump Derangement Syndrome if we’ve ever seen one before.

She said her idea that Washington, D.C. would “act on climate change” came “crashing down” when Trump won in 2016.

“I had the firm belief that Washington would act on climate change and would be acting soon,” Cobb said in 2016.

This is the woman who has been added to Joe Biden’s incredibly important Intelligence Advisory Board where critical decisions are made.

Can she really be trusted to make wise decisions if she had a mental breakdown over her preferred presidential candidate losing?

Not getting out of bed when you have kids to attend to because Donald Trump won the election sounds like poor parenting as well.

Kim also proudly tweeted in 2019 that she would stop flying anymore because she’s a “white senior scientist.”

Does it make you feel more safe that she’s a trusted Biden advisor?

Stay tuned to DC Daily Journal.

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