Joe Biden’s plan to rewrite the First and Second Amendments goes into effect

For hundreds of years, the U.S. constitution was respected. Sadly, not anymore.

And now Joe Biden’s regime is planning to rewrite the First and Second Amendments entirely.

Whistleblowers from the ATF informed a government watchdog organization that the agency is considering a regulation that would make it illegal to sell weapons between private parties.

One of the Hunter Biden IRS whistleblowers is being represented by the nonpartisan watchdog group Empower Oversight. The group claims that ATF whistleblowers informed it that the agency was drafting a 1,300-page document that would mandate criminal record checks for all sales of firearms, even sales between private individuals. This proposed regulation will “effectively ban private sales of firearms from one citizen to another,” as stated in a news release by Empower Oversight.

To learn more about the regulation, Empower Oversight asked the Department of Justice for records on this matter.

This regulation would “violate the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution,” as stated by Tristan Leavitt, President of Empower Oversight. Additionally, Leavitt stated that the regulation would sidestep “the separation of powers in the Constitution.”

The ATF’s regulation, according to Empower Oversight, might classify those who sell weapons on occasion as “engaged in the business of dealing in firearms,” meaning they would be required to get a Federal Firearms License and do background checks on their customers.

The phrase “engaged in the business” of selling weapons “shall not include a person who makes occasional sales, exchanges, or purchases of firearms for the enhancement of a personal collection or for a hobby,” as stated in the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 by Congress.

Leavitt said that the regulation is probably an attempt to rally the Democratic base in the midst of an election year, and that the courts would probably invalidate it. Though, there’s no guarantee that the courts would strike the regulation down.

Americans are on board with background checks, but they are opposed to outlawing certain types of weapons.

When polled in October 2023, Gallup found that just 27% of Americans were in favor of a ban on firearm ownership. More Americans were against an “assault weapons” ban than for it, according to a Monmouth University survey done in April 2023.

Tighter gun control measures have been an ongoing policy priority for the Biden administration.

As reported by Politico, President Joe Biden advocated for a regulation that mandated the registration of handguns equipped with arm braces as short-barreled rifles. As a result of lawsuits filed by states and gun rights organizations against the ATF, pistol braces are still allowed.

A short-barreled rifle must be registered with the ATF for a fee of $200. Last revised in 1986, the National Firearms Act mandates the registration of short-barreled firearms.

Rifles with short barrels are also considered unlawful in many states.

Biden has persistently advocated for a so-called assault weapons prohibition and has also outlawed the sale of firearm parts without serial numbers, which may be used to make “ghost guns.”

The truth is that Joe Biden and company were merely trying to use something that’s as scary sounding as “ghost guns” to continue to push the gun-control agenda’s envelope. Studies proved that his “ghost guns” legislation would do next to nothing to tackle gun violence in any statistically significant way.

If the ATF’s regulation becomes a reality, several gun rights organizations are prepared to oppose it.

According to Aidan Johnston, director of federal relations for Gun Owners of America (GOA), “The records of these sales will eventually end up in the ATF’s firearm registry database,” as reported by the Daily Caller News Foundation. According to the Washington Free Beacon, the ATF keeps track of who sells guns.

With regard to the regulation change that Joe Biden’s administration is expected to announce, GOA is “actively preparing to take legal action,” according to Johnston.

There’s simply no way around the fact that the Biden administration is trying to completely change the way the First and Second Amendments are viewed in the United States.

Not only are the radical Democrats trying to prevent law-abiding citizens from being able to engage in the innocent exchange of raw materials that may end up being used to build firearms, but they are also just trying to make it harder and harder to buy a firearm at all.

That’s what this is all about. They can’t quite admit that they want to ban all firearms, such as the humble 9mm glock. Even though 9mm handguns are by far the most often used firearm for gun violence in the United States, Democrats simply can’t push for a national ban on those because the American people simply wouldn’t accept that.

So their solution? Slowly turn up the temperature. Surely the frogs in the pot won’t notice.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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