Justice Clarence Thomas has a rude awakening for Joe Biden right around the corner

Clarence Thomas

Gone are the days when the Left could bully the U.S. Supreme Court into doing their bidding. But Joe Biden hasn’t gotten the memo.

And now Justice Clarence Thomas has a rude awakening for Joe Biden that’s right around the corner.

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments about how the Biden administration ended Title 42 in February.

When COVID was in force, former President Donald Trump implemented Title 42 to enable for the quick deportation of illegal aliens who had crossed the border.

President Biden now wants to remove Title 42 in order to further the Democratic Party’s open immigration policy.

A predicted increase of 400,000 – if not more – illegal aliens would cross the border each month if Title 42 were repealed, unleashing an avalanche of immigrants into the United States.

Several Republican-led states have filed lawsuits against the Biden administration for attempting to repeal Title 42, but the administration has countered that because the pandemic emergency has ended, the program must also be terminated.

However, the Supreme Court might be unable to resolve that dispute.

President Biden attempted to have it both ways, according to Congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R-NY), who spoke with Fox Business.

On the one hand, Biden asserts that Title 42 should be repealed because the pandemic emergency has passed.

Tenney, however, drew attention to the fact that the Biden administration just issued an order requiring COVID tests for air travelers arriving from Communist China due to the wave of new infections that nation is currently facing.

“I think that it’s interesting that the Biden administration is all of a sudden now going to this ‘hey, we’ve got to be careful who we let into this country,’ Tenney began.

“Maybe now we should still be looking at who is coming into this country because we’re not doing anything at the southern border. We have people coming across with COVID, with whooping cough, with mumps, measles, eradicated diseases and we’re doing nothing about it.

Tenney continued by saying it is nonsensical to implement COVID limitations on passengers from Communist China but not on illegal aliens from any of the other 160 nations whose citizens have been apprehended trying to enter the southern border.

“So, here we are, it’s very hypocritical, I think, of the Biden administration to enforce these policies against the Chinese coming in, say to New York City, but not any one of the 160 countries that people are derived from coming across our southern border,” Tenney added.

Conservative Justices, like Justice Clarence Thomas, will demand the Biden administration clarify unequivocally whether the COVID public health emergency is still occurring or has ended when the government makes its case before the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden has spent too much time attempting to play onto both sides of the fence.

If Joe Biden’s lawyers expect to roll into the U.S. Supreme Court and demand Title 42 be ended without a logical explanation for it, Thomas and the other conservative Justices will laugh them out of the Court room.

But coming clean in the Court room would get the Biden administration in trouble with his radical base.

Leftists and Democrats are already trying to drum up more anxiety over a potential COVID strand coming out of China… again.

Declaring the COVID pandemic over to get rid of Title 42 would be contradicting every ounce of that.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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