Kamala Harris made one move that left Joe Biden’s jaw on the floor

Kamala Harris has so far been nothing but a disappointment for Biden. She may be the only person more unlikeable than Joe.

But Kamala Harris made one move that left Joe Biden’s jaw on the floor.

The White House said Tuesday that Vice President Kamala Harris will tour the country in early 2024 to criticize abortion restrictions and advocate for the restoration of rights that existed before the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade.

Ms. Harris will begin her “Reproductive Freedoms Tour” on January 22 in Wisconsin, a swing state that might determine whether she and President Biden are re-elected.

More locations and dates will be announced soon by the White House.

“I will continue to fight for our fundamental freedoms while bringing together those throughout America who agree that every woman should have the right to make decisions about her own body — not the government,” Ms. Harris said.

Democrats were horrified by the 2022 court judgment, which overturned the 1973 Roe decision, which established a national right to abortion.

They’re exploiting the problem as a political hammer, seeing it as a vote-winning issue.

They argue that state restrictions implemented in the aftermath of the Supreme Court verdict are unpopular, citing many successful ballot measures and electoral victories focusing on abortion rights.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear just won re-election to a second term against Daniel Cameron, the state’s Republican attorney general who supported abortion restrictions.

Democrats in Virginia took control of both chambers of the General Assembly after making the election a referendum on Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s support for an abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy, with exceptions.

This year, Ohio voters approved a citizen-sponsored measure to include abortion rights in the state Constitution.

According to a South Dakota News Watch poll, a similar plan to entrench abortion rights in the South Dakota Constitution is dividing voters and falling short of majority approval. Abortion is illegal in the state.

Republicans are attempting to restore voter support by portraying the Democratic position as extreme.

They argue that Democrats appear to support abortion until birth and should be open to debate suitable abortion restrictions.

Ms. Harris’ tour, according to Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, will put the administration’s “extreme” attitude on abortion in “national full view.”

“Like most of their platform, Biden-Harris’ no limits stance on abortion is deeply out of touch with most Americans who want significant limits,” said E.V. Osment, the group’s vice president of communications.

“However, they’ve made it clear they will stop at nothing, including ignoring the will of Americans, by taking their show on the road to push an extreme activist wish list of abortions on demand.”

According to the White House, Ms. Harris will push the Biden administration’s efforts to extend health-care coverage.

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