Kari Lake has a surprise message for Donald Trump and his supporters

The upcoming election cycle is taking shape. But no one saw this curveball coming.

Because Kari Lake has a surprise message for all of Donald Trump’s supporters.

Trump rallies have emerged as a compelling stage for showcasing the dynamics of political power and ambitions, drawing in prominent conservatives eager to make their mark. Among the familiar faces in this political theater is Kari Lake, a former news anchor and resilient Arizona political figure, whose journey has taken her from a gubernatorial bid to a Senate race against Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ).

Lake’s presence at Trump rallies is notable, where she has become a staple, often seen kissing babies as the crowd chants “VP, VP, VP!” This fervor reflects a growing interest in her political trajectory, as she positions herself as a force to be reckoned with in Arizona politics.

A recent exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner captured Lake’s passionate support for Donald Trump and her determination to reclaim the country: “We the people are awake. We’re standing up. We’re gonna fight back, and we’re gonna take our country back.”

Her Senate campaign against Gallego has turned into a fundraising battleground, triggered by Gallego’s attempt to rally support by emphasizing his dip in the polls compared to Lake. In response, Lake strategically turned her lead into a fundraising strategy, emphasizing her resilience and commitment to her political cause. The current polls place Lake at 46%, with Gallego trailing at 45%, showcasing the competitiveness of the race.

However, Lake’s campaign remains cautious, urging supporters not to become complacent based on polling numbers. Drawing lessons from her past experiences, particularly her 2022 run for governor, Lake emphasizes the need for active voter participation.

Her previous alignment with Trump’s claims of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, including filing dismissed lawsuits, underscores her commitment to electoral reform and maintaining faith in the democratic process.

Lake’s unwavering dedication to her principles extends to her strong stance on border security, a key issue resonating with voters across the country. In her words, “Honestly, my border plan when I ran for governor was the strongest, was bold, aggressive border plan this country’s ever seen.” This commitment to securing the border aligns with the concerns of many voters who prioritize this issue.

Despite her loss in the Arizona gubernatorial race, Lake remains undeterred. She dismisses the notion of sitting out and licking wounds, instead urging active involvement: “This is a time to get involved. Every day get involved. We have to show up and vote. As President Trump says, ‘We got to swamp them.’”

While Lake spends significant time outside Arizona, campaigning for Trump, speculations about her potential role as a vice presidential candidate persist.

Lake, however, consistently denies any aspirations beyond serving Arizona, at least for the time being. This adds an element of intrigue to her political journey, with the possibility of her influence extending beyond the borders of the state.

As Arizona’s political landscape evolves, Kari Lake remains a central figure, navigating the challenges of a fiercely contested Senate race with a steadfast commitment to her principles.

Her journey, intertwined with the dynamics of Trump rallies, adds layers of complexity to an already dynamic political environment. The rallying cries of “VP, VP, VP!” echo Lake’s determination, leaving observers to wonder about the next chapters in her political narrative.

It’s certainly hard to see Donald Trump picking Kari Lake as a running mate for his 2024 bid, however.

While Trump’s base would likely enjoy seeing Kari Lake alongside Trump in his bid for the White House, that move would not do any favors for Trump at all.

He will likely need to pick a candidate more considered to be “moderate” to pull in crucial independent voters and pull them away from the Biden camp.

Lake herself has also noted that she’s not interested in being vice president at this time.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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