Karine Jean-Pierre broke down after being asked one shocking question

The White House Press Secretary is a disgrace to her office. Everything she says is either a lie or completely incoherent.

And Karine Jean-Pierre broke down after being asked one shocking question.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre failed to condemn hundreds of anti-Semites shown in recent viral films tearing down posters of Israeli citizens kidnapped by Hamas.

The posters have been shown in cities around the world, with the majority being in the United States and Europe, and a considerable number of video clips have emerged showing anti-Semites tearing down the posters immediately after they were displayed.

During Tuesday’s White House press conference, Jean-Pierre was asked about the topic, especially if the White House feels those ripping down the posters “should be condemned” or if they consider tearing down the posters is a kind of “peaceful protest.”

“Look, I, eh, I, I, I’ve sort of kind of seen the reporting here and there, I think it was from last week, right?” Jean-Pierre spoke up.

The reporter quickly added that “there’s been like 30 million videos that have gone around on this.”

“No, I know. I hear you. I hear you,” she responded.

“I’m just not going to. We’re not going to, I’m not going–”

When asked again if people should remove posters depicting kidnapped Israelis, Jean-Pierre said, “I’m just not going to get into specifics on that particular thing.”

She stated that the administration was focusing on “real violent protests and threats that are happening right now.”

When questioned further on the subject, she once again refused to respond.

Jean-Pierre was forced to publish a post on X criticizing the act of removing the posters after receiving substantial outrage online for her reluctance to denounce those involved in concealing up the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7.

“As a result of the Hamas terrorist attacks, communities and families are grieving,” she said.

“For the past month, the families of those who have been taken hostage have lived in agony. Tearing down pictures of their loved ones – who are being held hostage by Hamas – is wrong and hurtful.”

But that’s a little too late there, honey.

Maybe you should’ve been able to condemn terrorists without having to get it pre-approved from your superiors.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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