Kayleigh McEnany just got slapped with a jaw-dropping accusation

Former Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has long been an enemy of the Left. She speaks her mind and comes with the facts to back it up.

But Kayleigh McEnany just got slapped with a jaw-dropping accusation that will leave her seeing red.

Alyssa Farah Griffin served as a low-level communications assistant in the Trump White House.

Griffin currently co-hosts The View as the anti-conservative “Republican” and contributor to CNN.

Critics claim that Griffin will now say anything if the Left pays her, thus it came out as rich when she blasted Kayleigh as a “liar and an opportunist” in her testimony to the Committee on January 6.

Griffin claimed that McEnany and other Trump supporters were misleading the public by repeating Trump’s allegations that the election was rigged.

Griffin alleged that “they were just out and out lying to the public.”

Griffin told the Committee that only the dimwits thought Democrats had cheated President Trump by stealing the election.

“She’s a smart woman,” Griffin added. “She’s a Harvard law grad. This is not an idiot. She knew we lost the election, but she made a calculation that she wanted to have a certain life post-Trump that required staying in his good graces. And that was more important to her than telling the truth to the American public.”

Griffin continued by asserting that McEnany only claimed the election was rigged in order to protect her financial future by not offending Trump’s supporters.

Griffin claims that Fox News’ employment of McEnany endorses this tactic.

“I think she saw that as a moment to kind of, like, if I do this one last public-facing stand for Trump, I’m going to be set,” Griffin added. “This is going to work out for me. And, I mean, it did. She got her Fox News gig. She — it worked out precisely how she’d always planned for it to, but she knew better.”

Griffin might have been projecting, though.

Many conservatives think Griffin changed her mind about Trump and softened her conservative stance because portraying the “reasonable” Republican on corporate-run media sources pays well.

Griffin’s wager paid out, and he sold out to join the ranks of other “Republicans” who seem to believe that conservatives are mistaken about everything on CNN and The View.

If anyone should be ashamed, it’s Griffin because no sane conservative would want to co-host The View.

There is no juicy “truth” that McEnany has to confess to as Griffin seems to believe.

The reality is that McEnany is still a conservative who won’t sell out her conservative beliefs for popularity on mindless shows like The View.

And whether Griffin wants to believe it or not, Fox News is the number one rated cable news network for a reason.

Americans trust the personalities at Fox News like McEnany, Carlson, Hannity, and Gutfeld way more than anyone at CNN, MSNBC, or ABC.

Just because McEnany gets paid to do her job of reporting news for Fox News doesn’t mean that she’s a “sellout.”

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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