Megyn Kelly admits to her audience her deepest, darkest secret

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly has carved a name for herself in the media. But no one could’ve seen this on the horizon.

Because Megyn Kelly just admitted her deepest, darkest secret to her audience that you have to see.

Megyn Kelly certainly had her fair share of controversy during her time at Fox News for more than thirteen years.

She exploded into popularity during her coverage of the 2012 election cycle and eventually got her own show “The Kelly File.”

The show was so popular, it would on occasion top the network’s ratings, above the likes of The O’Reilly Factor.

Though some of her comments on air would, at times, rub Fox News’ conservative viewers the wrong way, and that on top of the behind-the-scenes disagreements she had with Fox News and it seemed like it was time for Kelly to leave.

She did so in 2017 and joined NBC, but that didn’t last long at all. She was clearly not fitting in with the radical Leftiest over at NBC at all.

So she wasn’t quite on board with Fox, and NBC was way too insane for her. That led her to starting her own show on SiriusXM, self-titled “The Megyn Kelly Show.”

She feels way more comfortable being herself on that show, and has found herself going back to more conservative coverage of the news. This has made the show a success, along with having big name guests on.

One big name guest she recently had on was the famous Christian actor Kirk Cameron.

During her episode with Kirk Cameron, she made a startling admission to him that completely blindsided him.

She told him that he was the only star that she ever wrote a fan letter to and that she did so when she was a teenager in school, just like Kirk Cameron was.

“I was one of those starry-eyed young women,” Kelly said. “I think I was like a tween when you were the big star on ‘Growing Pains.’ And, can I tell you something? You are the only fan letter I’ve ever written. It was to you.”

“I sat. I hand-wrote it out,” Kelly continued to share. “All I remember was that I was trying to convince you to love me. Like listing my credentials. Like what I had done in school. I don’t remember if I sent it — but I never got a response.”

Kirk Cameron said he remembers that she sent a letter and joked that he came on to her show 35 years later because of the letter.

“Megyn, you did,” Cameron shared. “You sent it and that’s why I’m here on your show right now is to finally reply after 35 years. To say ‘thank you Megyn for your letter. It was so sweet.’”

You can watch their full exchange below:

It certainly seems like Megyn Kelly has found where she feels most comfortable to be herself in front of the camera.

And if she keeps having on big name guests like Kirk Cameron, her independent show might be more of a success than her Fox News show ever was.

Stay tuned to the DC Daily Journal.

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